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I finally catch North Shore

As mentioned last week, I had missed FOX's new 'OC' clone, 'North Shore.' Upon seeing it this evening, I can tell you that is exactly what it is. They even drag an actress who had a recurring role on last summer's big hit over to the new show. The melodrama is ratcheted up to go with a heavy dose of hot women in tight clothing. Most of the characters seem to be angling towards multi-dimensional status, although the boss seems to be a bad ripoff of James Caan's 'Las Vegas' character. Everyone of subplot status seems to be falling in love, while the main protagonist sits out in the cold, so that could be an interesting setup to a season full of a guy who hates his life, and hey, with self-loathing comes the big ratings.

Meanwhile tonight on Letterman the guests include Pistons coach Larry Brown and Phish. Feel free to include your own Rasheed Wallace joke. Elsewhere in the basketball world, the NBA's newest team, the Charlotte Bobcats, select a few players in the expansion draft tomorrow evening. If they play their cards right, they could field a team made up entirely of ex-Pistons next season. Chucky Atkins, Erik Montross, Brian Cardinal, Jerry Stackhouse (assuming Washington has given up on him, which may be the case), Grant Hill, and whomever the world champs leave unprotected (Elden Campbell or Corliss Williamson most likely). Wouldn't that be fun? I once created a team comprised entirely of ex-Tigers on MVP Baseball and they were unbeatable. This team of ex-Pistons would suck and with the exception of Chucky Atkins in the Rasheed Wallace trade, most of the deals seemed one-sided AGAINST Detroit at the time.

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