Life With Justin

We are looking for a good "Bitch" and an "Intern"

Life With Justin is looking for a good "Bitch" and "Intern" to help out around the "office."

I know you are asking yourself what's the difference between an "Intern" and a "Bitch" Well, that is simple an "Intern" does sexual favors while a "Bitch" is does crap work.

Now we know you and can appreciate that you are all ready to sign up at this very moment. To get things moving more quickly we broke down what your responsibilities will be in a list format. (We did this also so that there will be no miss understandings.) By the way, if you have a hard time reading, but have big breasts, you can go ahead and skip the list, and just send your photos to , thanks.

"Intern" Responsibilities

  1. Duties as assigned by CrashNet (Justin)

Dress code: Inappropriate attire is encouraged.

"Bitch" Responsibilities

  1. Cleaning the office.

  2. Cleaning our cars

  3. Cleaning Crashnet's house

  4. Buying us our lunches

  5. Spell checking Crashnet's -- well anything he writes.

  6. Translating joblessboy's English

  7. Taking care of datdjrobp's dog (including picking up after her.)

  8. Downloading porn (this is needed so that CrashNet has more time to work)

  9. Duties as assigned by Mr-excitement (Clint)

Dress code: Strict, unless you end up being cool, then you can dress how you want.

Life With Justin cannot offer financial compensation to the "Bitch" or "Intern," but does offer a positive work environment that is unlike anything one may ever experience. Hours are extremely flexible as our offices are open seven days a week, thus allowing a "Bitch" or "Intern" to work around their busy schedules. Most importantly, we offer our "Bitch" or "Intern" the opportunity to work in an office that is in the thick of things.

If you are interested in applying for the "Bitch" or "Intern" position at Life With Justin please send a resume and cover letter, in an e-mail to:

*Note if female just send a photo, preferably naked.*