About foley:

DWM seeking SWF, age 17-75, non-smoker enjoys a good, cheap pizza buffett, a cheap date and a cheap thrill. Oh wait, I'm not filling out yet another desperate singles ad? Just a force of habit after getting kicked off Yahoo personals and EHarmony. Anyway, yes, after a long absence, I've decided to come crawling out from under that 40 ton rock I was living under for four-plus years. And what a big turn around I've made since the college days. Moved back home, wife left me, got rid of the dog and racked up more money on the ol' credit card than Mayor Kilpatrick. Yup, things are looking up!!! After graduating from Not Much of a University (NMU) in 2000 with a BA in BS, I hung around Marquette for 6 months, then moved home to Cheboygan. Worked in Cheboygan for a year, left, then moved to Petoskey where I'll end up being stuck forever. It's not bad though, I really thought I'd end up in McMillan or Shingleton!! Well, I'd tell you more, but who cares really. Judging by the quality of this site, I'm willing to say the track monitor, should Justin ever apply one or be able to afford one, would read something like 0007. Now get off your computer and make sure to get your American Health Association's recommended 60-90 minutes of exercise per day!!! Foley P.S. Tell your friends about me!!!!

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