cdeezy's wit

Apparently the Chileans have been engaged in "off-shore drilling"
Oct 11, 2010

You can read some crazy stuff on MLive
Sep 30, 2009

Everyone who DOESN'T have an August birthday, raise your hand!
Aug 14, 2009

Movie review: "The Girlfriend Experience"
Jun 12, 2009

About Friday's FWC
Mar 07, 2009

Book it!
Feb 23, 2009

That iconic Obama poster
Feb 14, 2009

Things I never noticed about the penny
Feb 13, 2009

Thank you, CBC!
Feb 09, 2009

Reason #137 why I'm a dick
Feb 03, 2009

User FWP month = vacation for Justin
Aug 07, 2008

Celebrating 1000 FWC pictures
May 13, 2008

Overrating the Spartans
Mar 29, 2008

TCS Follow-up: Bittersweet Sixteen
Mar 27, 2008

Re: BCS vs TCS
Mar 25, 2008

Another take on a fantasy BCS-basketball mash-up
Mar 18, 2008

WTF?! Aussie-style
Feb 28, 2008

I tried to enter a blog...
Feb 25, 2008

Feb 15, 2008

MSU looking for video person for BigTen Network content
Sep 11, 2007

Possibly the creepiest ad campaign ever
Jul 30, 2007

Redo her bathroom?
Jul 03, 2007

The return of Mr. Excitement?
Aug 02, 2006

Dear Vince
Jun 06, 2006

So I was watching RAW this week...
May 31, 2006

Apr 16, 2006

Fantasy WWE Season 5
Sep 20, 2005

My second time trying hash
Aug 19, 2005

The truth about Justin
Aug 05, 2005

Thoughts on Los Angeles
Jul 14, 2005

The rest of the stories
Jul 11, 2005

My sister drives me crazy (part one)
Jul 10, 2005

My first time trying hash
Jul 08, 2005

I can't believe they cut these guys!
Jul 07, 2005

Reunion of the NMU Baseball Team, take 2
Jun 27, 2005

Why I hate Justin
Jun 17, 2005

I promised him he wouldn't have to testify, so I'm not saying a word without my lawyer present
Feb 16, 2005

'Hey guys, I'm on self-spank probation right now, so could you turn the porno off? Thanks.'
Jan 22, 2005

Can my new year start in mid-January?
Jan 16, 2005

Don't take this personally
Dec 05, 2004

About cdeezy:

Few details are known about the early life of C-Deezy fa Sheezy (and what little is known has been heavily censored) prior to his enrollment at Northern Michigan University in the fall of 1998. While hosting “The Aural Driveby”, a rap show at a local radio station, he adopted the identity of C-Dawg, a nickname that stuck for several years. When one of his fellow DJs became a contestant on the first season of “Tough Enough”, C-Dawg realized that any jackass could be a professional wrestler and, being a jackass, began training in the squared circle on a part-time basis.

C-Dawg also was a starting outfielder for the school's baseball team, but after budget cuts forced the university to drop the sport, he began to pursue wrestling full-time. His hard work and perserverance eventually paid off and he was called up to the WWE as part of “Depression Wednesday”, a stable that also featured Crashnet, Billy Armbarr, and JV Charlie Sims.

C-Dawg's character eventually morphed, as personalities in wrestling are wont to do, into a quasi-hip-hop enthusiast, leading him to adopt the moniker C-Diggity during an infamous promo that also debuted his catchphrase “iced out like what”. Originally intended to be a heel character, the fans took an immediate liking to C-Diggity and forced a face turn. Less than a year later, he was paired with a young John Cena in an extended program with Billy Armbarr and Ron “The Truth” Killings. Although Cena is widely credited with coining the name C-Deezy fa Sheezy for his new partner, it was actually first used disparagingly by Billy Armbarr in a promo that never aired.

An unfortunate knee injury suffered during a match with Crashnet (who, being a soulless stiff, was making a rare house show appearance) kept C-Deezy out of the ring for several months and left him in a deep depression that nearly caused him to take his life by listening to country music. However, C-Deezy was saved by a chance phone call inviting him to coach a start-up franchise in the FFF. The team was christened the Deezies fa Sheezies in his honor and finished its first season in a tie atop the league standings. With a new lease on life, C-Deezy began preparing for life outside of the squared circle.

Despite being let go earlier this summer by the WWE in a round of roster cuts, C-Deezy is looking forward to his third FFF season and to making occasional indy wrestling appearances when his schedule permits.

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