dave's wit

Mar 17, 2007

The Chain Letter!
May 25, 2005

Fuckin' Michigan
May 13, 2005

About dave:

name:Dave Vincent
occupation: being lazy and drinking
status: dating married women

Ive been living in wonderful 'Hampton Roads' now for little under 2 years. Being less then 30 mins from virginia beach, ive been there less then 5 times. The weather here is great, theres very very little snow. and it gets hot here.. I like it. its like california but with out all the mexicans. the retarted taxes are here. and its not a state.. its a commonwealth. yea. fuck that. I am a mechanic by trade, ive worked for some of the best Harley Davidson dealerships in the area, and been fucked over by the best of them. I then switched over to autos. I took a better paying job to work on 'Light Trucks' the one thing ive learned here, people a big fat liars. I spent 3 months working on the shittest, dirtest, peices of shit in the area. I got a crash course on working on 'Heavy Trucks' yea.. semi trucks.. but not just that.. dump trucks and fuckin' RV's . fuck these yuppies. so I quit. I am lucky enough to find a woman who makes me smile, and helps me pay rent. well thats enough bio shit for now.. chew on that for a while. i am gunna go crawl back in my hole and hide from Big Govt.

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