About mr-excitement:

'The only one of Justin's freinds that is doing something with his life.' For several weeks now this has been the default entry for my bio while I finally got my shit together and sit down in front of a computer to tell you all about myself. My name is Clint, and I have been friends with Justin since 1998. We both trudged our way through Northern Michigan University, with myself graduating in 2001. For about two years I did nothing with my life, including disastrous moves to Grand Rapids, Michigan and back to Marquette, Michigan. In August 2003 I decided that something big needed to be changed. I moved across the country to Los Angeles, the city of angels. I am beginning the second year of a master's program at the University of Southern California(go Trojans!), and am currently in charge of advertising for Century Media Records, an independent record label specializing in heavy metal and hard rock releases(our bigger bands include Lacuna Coil, Shadows Fall, and Iced Earth). Needless to say, I keep plenty busy. I'm broke. I don't have much 'me' time. I've never been happier. In the midst of all of this, I am also a struggling screenwriter. I have not actually shopped anything around yet, but myself and another friend of Justin's, the world-famous 'Haas,' have written three film scripts that we are in the midst of editing into a 'shop around' format. Be on the lookout in the years to come for such future screen classics as 'Not the Fat One,' 'Moderately Funny Cookie Cutter College Comedy featuring the Guy That Plays Stifler,' and 'Unrealistic Romantic Comedy Where No One Learns a Goddamn Thing.' In the weeks to come, you will hear many ramblings from me, some of which will likely be while I am drunk and not in the mood to go to bed after coming back from a party. You will read things that will make you laugh. You will read things that will make you cry. You will read things that will make you question why God would do this to one of His children. And for those of you that wonder about such things, my favorite movie is American Beauty, my favorite TV show is South Park, and my favorite album is Black Flag's 'Who's Got the 10 1/2?' -Clint aka 'mr-excitement' Since everyone else seems to be throwing in one of their favorite quotes, I'll toss one in too. This is Henry Rollins reading a post on a Rollins Band message board from a Czech person for whom English is his second language. I agree with Henry's assertion that this is the greatest sentence uttered in the history of mankind.' -'On to show, I'm should collective photo, but bald fat technologist guy be insane.'

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