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Says a guy who probably got bent over more times this week than Lisa Marie ever did...
Posted By: zg2u | Votes: 7 | Vote

Why would you cut some of the words out from a newspaper to make a kidnapping note, and then write some of the other words?
Posted By: tec | Votes: 7 | Vote

Not shown in photo: I'm also selling the Brooklynd bridge
Posted By: crashnet | Votes: 6 | Vote

This slogan doesn't fit nicely on a sign quite like 'Jacko fucks kids'
Posted By: coldcat | Votes: 6 | Vote

'He isn't a child molester, just a singer who hasn't been musically relevant since 1990.'
Posted By: coldcat | Votes: 6 | Vote

Michael, Michael, he's our man, if he gets off the hook again, ANY molester can...
Posted By: zg2u | Votes: 6 | Vote

This guy was one of michael's pet children on never never land... he was too ugly for michael to stick it too!
Posted By: tec | Votes: 6 | Vote

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