FFF 2009-10



Pool Reinstated as Wopat Head Coach

After the most embarrassing loss in franchise history, the Tom Wopat Fan Club has decided to re-instate Coach Pool as its head coach.

Trent Green has been at the helm for the Fan Club over the last few months, leading them back into the playoff picture.  But last week's crushing loss to Team Touchdown Burger by 101 points has led owner William Clay Haas to bring back the one guy he tried to stay far away from.

"As much as he makes me physically sick, I'll admit Coach Pool does have a level of success for this franchise, especially in the playoffs" Haas said.  "Green did a nice job in Pool's absence, but last week's loss was humiliating.  And with the fact that we have to play that same team in the first round of the playoffs this week, I figured some change behind the bench might be the best idea for this team, even though the sight of Pool on the sidelines makes me vomit internally."

Pool voluntarily checked himself into a mental facility earlier this season, after several weeks of poorly attended press conferences and league-wide ridicule caused him to snap.  The Tom Wopat Fan Club are the defending FFF champions and overall 3-time title holders. 


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