FFF 2009-10



Report: C-Deezy arrested before Ex-Cons game

Y!SN is reporting that the person arrested for jumping onto the field prior to today's Deezies fa Sheezies/Ex-Cons game was estranged Deezies head coach C-Deezy fa Sheezy.

The individual cleared a sideline security barrier near the west 30-yard line during the singing of the National Anthem.  He was immediately tackled and restrained by stadium security, who removed him from the field.  

It is not clear why fa Sheezy was in the stands, nor why he was attempting to reach the field.  

fa Sheezy has been involved in a contract dispute with Deezies management this season and was replaced as head coach by DeShaun Foster.  He has not appeared on the sideline since an off-field incident last season, prior to an away game against the Ex-Cons.


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