FFF 2009-10



Coach Pool Out of Mental Facility

COOTER COUNTY (AP) Technically still head coach of the Tom Wopat Fan Club of the FFF, Coach Pool this morning has been checked out of the mental facility he placed himself in over a month ago. For the moment, however, it doesn't appear as if he plans on re-joining his team.

"Until Mr. Haas calls and wants me to come back, it's pretty clear I'm not welcome anywhere near the Wopat headquarters" Pool said as he was exiting the mental hospital. "Trent has done a great job bringing the guys back into the playoff picture. They got a huge game this weekend against the Magnetic North and I don't want to be a distraction" he said. "Clearly something is working and I can't screw that up."

Pool is planning to be at a game this weekend, however. Surprisingly, Pool announced that he will be in attendance at this weekend's big showdown between the Ex-Cons and the Deezies Fa Sheezies. "When these two get together on the playing field, it's always an entertaining game" Pool said. "And I want to be there in person in case Deezy does show up. Who knows what could happen?"


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