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Ex-Cons Press Release (8-15-2011)

LAPEER, MI. (AP)—Daunte Culpepper is the latest in possible additions to the Marlette Ex-Cons' stable of quarterbacks.

After a three-hour practice with other potential players Sunday, Ex-Cons coach Coach Young said the team is bringing in the 34-year-old Culpepper for a tryout on Monday.

“We’re going to have Daunte in for a workout and kick the tires,” Young said. “I’m looking forward to that. I know we've had our issues in the past, but I'm willing to put that in our past to make the Ex-Cons a stronger team this season. That and I was told I had to by the CEO or he was replacing me with that as***le Coach Crashnet.”

Young said Saturday that the Ex-Cons have no clear-cut starter at quarterback in mind due to shaky performances in the past at the QB position.


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