FFF 2009-10



Deezies sign C-Deezy to new contract

Deezies Sports Limited (DSL) has signed superstar C-Deezy fa Sheezy to a new two-year contract, with an option for a third year. The contract makes C-Deezy again the highest-paid coach in Fantasy Football Fever, and ensures that the wildly popular coach will be on the sidelines for the Deezies fa Sheezies home opener.

"I think this is a great deal for Deezy and I think it's responsible for the club. From that standpoint, I think it's a win-win," DSL President and CCO Carson L. Rizor said. "I'm happy. I'm relieved."

DSL and C-Deezy also agreed to resume production of "The Deezies Afterparty." The fan-favorite radio show will return on September 16 and will broadcast on Thursdays via the Deezies Sportsradio Network.

Tickets are on sale for all six home games.


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