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League fines Deezies for missing coach

League fines Deezies for missing coach

DUNDEE (Y!SN) - The Deezies fa Sheezies have been fined $50,000 for continuing to list suspended coach Pacman Jones as the coach-of-record.

Jones was suspended nearly two weeks ago -- shortly after being named head coach of the Deezies -- after an incident in which police were called to intervene in a fight between the embattled Jones and one of his bodyguards.

A league spokesperson says a letter announcing Jones' suspension was sent to the Deezies Sports Limited headquarters by registered mail, but was refused delivery. After Jones was listed as head coach for the game against Millensux, league officials attempted to contact the Deezies by phone and by email. A decision was made to levy the fine after Jones was listed again for Sunday's game against Family Feud.

Attempts to reach the Deezies for comment were unsuccessful. It is unclear if the Deezies will name a head coach before their game against the Boston Tea Bags next Sunday.

The $50,000 fine is in addition to the fine levied by the league under its Personal Conduct Policy. Because Jones was suspended while under contract, the Deezies must pay half of his salary -- $20,588 per game -- to the league for each game of his suspension, even if his contract is terminated.

The fine only applies to the second and subsequent league suspensions during a given league year. The Deezies used their exemption earlier this season when they signed wide receiver Steve Smith, who was suspended for the first two games of the season for his involvement in a fight at training camp.


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