FFF 2009-10



Statement from DSL President and CCO

I would like to apologize to all Deezies fa Sheezies fans for any miscommunication that occurred with the media yesterday. Deezies Sports Limited is actively pursuing any and all candidates as it pertains to the open head coaching search and continues to encourage anyone with the necessary experience to contact our organization to apply for the position so that we may select the best candidate for the job. The Deezies fa Sheezies are a valuable community resource that helps to raise the spirit of the city. We will continue to protect the privacy of all potential candidates who are interviewing and wish to remain anonymous.

Let me be clear, Deezies Sports Limited will not engage in selecting a candidate in the media and will not respond to every false report, supposition, innuendo, or rumor that the media seeks to offer as truth in this search.


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