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Segment from The Dexter Kyle Show, aired 8/27/08

(Segment from The Dexter Kyle Show as aired 8/27/08 on the Yahoo! Radio Network)

DK: With just hours to go before the Fantasy Football Fever draft, we're talking with some of the prime movers and shakers as they get ready for the season's first major event. There are many question marks heading into today's draft, and one team that has more of them than most is the Deezies fa Sheezies. After dominating the league during the regular season, the Deezies were upset in the opening round of the playoffs. That loss was compounded when their longtime coach, C-Deezy fa Sheezy, disappeared shortly thereafter... an incident that remains under investigation. Joining us by phone to talk about the Deezies and what it needs to do to recover is the team's founder, Deezies Sports Limited president Carson L. Rizor. Carson, welcome to the show.

CR (on the phone): Thank you for having me on the program, Dexter.

DK: Let's start with some news that broke earlier this week... Coach Pool of the Tom Wopat Fan Club was brought in for questioning after investigators reportedly found evidence linking him to Coach fa Sheezy's whereabouts. What can you tell us about these developments?

CR: Truthfully, Dexter, I don't know any more than you do. We have not received any official contact and, even if we had, I've been advised to not comment on the particulars while the investigation is ongoing. I can say that, as an organization, we have been trying to move on as best we can, and it's been difficult, because every time some new lead comes up, it just reopens those fresh wounds, and it distracts from what we need to do to make the team the best it can be. At this point, we just want some closure. We have a coach. By tomorrow, we'll have the players, and we're focused on winning that first game against the Tin Indians and every game after that.

DK: About your coach, Jimmy Smith... he still has the "interim" in front of his title, which suggests that you're not that confident in his abilities.

CR: That's just a technicality. Let me be clear: Jimmy Smith is our man for 2008 and beyond. He has the full support of our entire staff. He is in charge of our war room tonight. As for his title, that's just another thing preventing us from closure. As you might guess, there's already an existing head coach contract and, until that contract is completed or voided, we have to officially refer to Jimmy as the interim head coach. But as soon as that loose end is tied, we will make sure that Jimmy is provided all of the securities and incentives that a Deezies coach deserves.

DK: I take that to mean that C-Deezy's contract is still active, even though he obviously is not going to fulfill his duties. Is there a reason that you won't simply terminate his contract?

CR: I'm afraid I can't comment on that, Dexter.


DK: Alright... let's go on to another incident, the Steve Smith fight and suspension. You say that Coach Smith has the full support of your organization, but how does he plan to get the support of his players when even his own brother is involved in such disciplinary incidents?

CR: I don't think it's fair to use that as a criticism of Jimmy. Steve was, quite frankly, still in a bad place given everything that happened at the end of last season, and he's an emotional, passionate guy -- that's one of the things we love about him. I think Steve should have handled himself better, but it was Jimmy's call to kick Steve out of camp. He didn't play favorites, and we didn't have any other incidents. Listen, when you have that many players in one place, every one of them believing that he's the best -- and that's what you want -- you have high potential for conflict. Obviously, the coaching staff sees a situation that's starting to escalate, they'll try to defuse it, but they can't read minds and, from what I've heard, everything happened so quickly that the coaches couldn't have done anything more than what they did, which was to break up the situation and remove Steve from the field. I've talked with Steve and Jimmy, and Jimmy has made it clear that he's in charge, and that any player who does not abide by his rules will not be in a Deezies uniform.

DK: Before you go, I want to ask you about the other Deezies teams, the Québec Deezies and the Newport...

CR: (interrupting) That's not our team anymore. We are no longer involved in the Queen's League in any capacity.

DK: The Québec team is still using your name and logo.

CR: They're not authorized... our lawyers are working to resolve that issue.

DK: I find it strange that you would walk away from such a major investment.

CR: The franchise did not perform to our expectations and we were unable to generate the necessary revenue to continue our operations there. We certainly wish the Queen's League all the best and we may even renew our relationship in the future, but for now, we are focused on both rebuilding the Deezies fa Sheezies and making sure that that Newport Deezies can repeat as fantasy hockey champions.

DK: Carson L. Rizor, president of Deezies Sports Limited, which owns the Deezies fa Sheezies of the FFF, and the Newport Deezies of the Seattle Gives LA Hickey hockey league. Thanks for joining us, Carson.

CR: Thank you, Dexter.

DK: And don't forget to tune in tonight to the Yahoo! Sports Network for a special live draft edition of the Fantasy Football Fever Weekly Report. After this break, more pre-draft coverage and conversations. You're listening to The Dexter Kyle Show on the Yahoo! Radio Network.


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