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Bank on it to miss draft -- again?

LAPEER, MI (Local) For the second year in a row there will be no representation from Young Creative Solutions (YCS) the Fantasy Football Fever draft.  However just like last year they are going to defer to a representative from Yahoo! to make their selections.  Last year "Bank on it" (formerly Team Stoppable) had the number one draft slot, however due to the gambling issues of then Coach Steve Mariucci, they lost the pick to the Wislocki brothers.

Coach Young promised this reporter that he wouldn't do something that stupid, "I don't have a vice like gambling, my one vice is just like everyone else’s: sex."

When asked about having Yahoo! once again make the picks for the YCS franchise, his only response was, "Look, I know how important it is to be in attendance.  I know how easy Yahoo! can fuck up your team.  But like always, something else came up that is more important in the 'real world' that I have to attend to."

That means that once again YCS is leaving their fate up to a device that will pick a defense in the third round.  This reporter just hopes the fantasy Gods, favor my favorite team.

Randy Rostine former reporter for the FFF Weekly Report.


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