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BREAKING NEWS: Wopat coach brought in for questioning

ANN ARBOR (AP) In a suprising move, the Ann Arbor Police Department has brought in Tom Wopat Fan Club head coach Pool for questioning regarding the ongoing disappearance case of fellow FFF coach C'Deezy Fa Sheezy.

Fa Sheezy has been missing since his team fell in the first round of the 2007 FFF Playoffs. A heavy favorite to win the championship last year, his disapperance has led to massive speculation that Fa Sheezy was involved in several illegal activities leading up to the playoffs.

But this latest development involving Pool has caught many FFF insiders off guard. According to Ann Arbor Police spokesman Clint Mayher, the police were referred to an offhand remark Pool made during a post-game press conference last season while commenting on alleged point tampering with regards to Coach Fa Sheezy.

"This has NOTHING to do with underground gambling and trying to raise the over/under to perhaps get a certain coach/rapper off the hot seat with some various members of the mafia so he doesn't end up in a garbage bag at the bottom of Lake Superior." Pool stated.

But the more suprising news to come out of this story is the fact that the police have apparently uncovered a video camera with Pool's fingerprints on it which was allegedly used to film some sort of video featuring Fa Sheezy up in a secluded area of Quebec, Canada almost two months after Fa Sheezy was reported missing.

There has been no word out of Tom Wopat Fan Club headquarters regarding this development, although one has to wonder how this will affect their upcoming FFF draft.

At this time it appears Pool has not been charged with anything and will get to head back to Wopat headquarters, which is good since Pool wanted to be able to "catch Juliana Hatfield on Leno tonight."


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