FFF 2009-10



Press Conference (Keepers)

*Coach Young steps up to the podium*

CY: Good Evening everyone thank you for coming. I called this press conference for a two reasons; let us jump right into it.

As with most years we again have changed our name. This one reflects what all teams in all leagues will be doing this year; Banking on our team winning. Why is that? Itís because we again will be the most dominating team Yahoo as ever known.

But to that note I say this. Changing to a keeper league will mess with the chemistry of the FFF. After talking it over with CEO Justin D. Young, we are both in agreement. A keeper league would only prove to keep the top teams at the top. Granted that might sound odd coming from one of the top teams. However, we believe in the importance of team building. If we do not start fresh how am I as a Coach (year in and year out) of the most dominate team in the FFF supposed to show off my coaching skills?

Better yet, as I stand here before you, I can honestly say that I've boned every one of my players' wives, girlfriends, and ex-wives. What am I to do now, go back through the lot again? Go to the bar? Find a steady girl?

What the hell are you thinking... we here at Bank on it have this to day. Please, please let me have fresh snatch.


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