FFF 2009-10



Postgame Loss first round

 CY: Lets just get to it...

R1: Coach, after all the talk of over looking this team, do you think that's why you lost?

CY: Hello NO !! We lost because the Fan Club had a great day. We didn't make any mistakes. We had a good day ourselves. But when it came right down to it... I think it was all the cheering coming from Coach Pool.

R1: Cheering?

CY: I know that sounds wrong, I think it really helped Marion Barber pick the opposing team apart. I'd even go as far as saying with out Barber we would still be in the playoff hunt. He treated us like we were the Detroit Lions or something. I swear every time he scored I could hear a big cheer from Wixom, MI.

R1: Wixom?

CY: Yeah, it was like someone living in Wixom was cheering against his own team in favor of Mr. Barber. It was making me sick to my stomach. Like that guy was ok with this guy crushing the playoff dreams of the team he was playing against.

R2: So lets see if I get this right. You feel that you lost today due to the cheering of Marion Barber by Coach Pool. Didn't we see you cheer on Jason Witten, if I remember sir it was when he got down to the one yard line? Unfortunately he also fumbled it on the one yard line as well sealing your fait in this loss.

CY: Fool, if you look again, you'll see that I cheer when Jason fumbled. I know it seems wrong, but I think that when a game has this much importance second eforts count. As you could clearly see when he stretched his arm out to try to break the line that's where he fumbled. I know it's more important for him to fumble at that point then not. I think that's what Coach Pool forgot. The effort in REAL LIFE is more important then our match up itself.

R3: Ok moving on... Coach -- Any comment on Coach Pool having so much confidence that he benched Drew?

CY: Before the game Coach Pool called me up. He start blabbing about how I shouldn't retire. How great the FFF is and something else... I honestly forget because his ex-girlfriend was going down on me at the time. Anyhow, I think somewhere in there he said that Team Stoppable was just that... Stoppable.

Look, Coach Pool is one of the best Coaches in this league. But not playing Drew or any QB was just cocky.

*off-stage: cocky? We smoked you, even without Drew. Camera swivels to see Jeff Garcia being hauled out of the room*

CY: Hold on, hold on guys he can stay I want him to hear this. Coach Pool is a thug. But today he transcended thuggy to become something more; He is the sole reason I will not retire next year. Mark my words FFF, I will be back next year... and I'll be back with dominance like no other year...

Jeff if you can find the time during your pillow talk with Carson L. Rizor please let him know that. Thanks.


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