FFF 2009-10



DSL issues apology to Team Swamp Balls, others

While editing last week's Deezies Afterparty for broadcast, our producers removed several comments about Team Swamp Balls Coach Chiquet and his family members that were identified as gratuitous and unnecessary. We have since received numerous complaints about a comment believed to refer to Coach C-Deezy fa Sheezy's self-proclaimed carnal prowess that was left intact. We regret that the phrase "hung like a four-horse man," deprived of its original context, was left open to deeply offensive interpretations. The show has since been removed from our archives.

On behalf of all of us at Deezies Sports Limited, I apologize to Coach Chiquet, his family, the Team Swamp Balls organization, the Fantasy Football Fever league, and any individual who may have been personally aggrieved by this unfortunate action.

We have immediately ceased production of the Deezies Afterparty and have placed the show on hiatus while we determine its future. We vow that the show will not return until we have developed the necessary internal controls to better monitor the show's content.

Finally, we have fined Coach fa Sheezy one game check for refusing to shake Coach Chiquet's hand at the completion of Sunday's game. DSL prides itself on sportsmanship and will not tolerate such flagrant acts of disrespect from members of this organization.

Carson L. Rizor
President and CCO
Deezies Sports Limited


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