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The Deezies Afterparty, 10-3-07


(cue instrumental - 50 Cent, "In Da Club")

TJ: This is the Deezies Afterparty! Ty Jackson here, the host of the only show that takes a weekly look at the Deezies fa Sheezies. The Deezies continued their romp through Fantasy Football Fever with a 118-114 win over the Tom Wopat Fan Club. Once again, it came down to the closing moments, with a T.J. Houshmandzadeh reception sealing the deal for the Deezies. This week, the Deezies wrap up their homestand by renewing another bitter rivalry, this time with the Guantanamo Pep Squad. We'll talk to Coach Deezy about the close win, the pressure of remaining on top, and about a certain movie that's due in theaters next week, in just a moment.


(cue instrumental)

TJ: Thank you for joining us for another edition of the Deezies Afterparty, airing in syndication across all 48 continental states on the Deezies Sportsradio Network. [fade out instrumental] I'm Ty Jackson, joined once again in the studio by the man of the hour... C-Deezy fa Sheezy!

("applause" sound effect)

CD: Yo, yo, yo! Much luv to all my peeps in the A-Deuce and beyond! We fa sheezy 'til we die, word life!

TJ: Deezy, the story going into the game was that last year's controversial semifinal win over the Tom Wopat Fan Club, a game decided on a technicality, was merely a fluke and that, in the two previous meetings in Deezies Stadium, Coach Pool's team had left with a win, In your mind, does this victory finally settle the score?

CD: Yo, what you talkin' 'bout, Ty? You been drinkin' that Haterade? The only story is that the Deezies be undefeated and we gonna stay that way, on tha real! I ain't lookin' backwards, I be lookin' forwards, cuz we keep it movin'! When you ask me about the season, you don't hear me sayin' "uh, we already done been to the championship game twice, so we ain't gotta do nothin' else," no! You hear me talkin' about blowin' out Duckett/Stanton! You hear me talkin' about puttin' up 200 in Fenton! You hear me talkin' about takin' out the DolphinZZZZZZ and takin' over that number one spot, yo! We ain't still whinin' over somethin' that's over and done wit'! That's cuz we be doin', and we still doin'! And, yo, if Coach Pool got a problem wit' that, he can meet us in the playoffs and we'll make it three for three, word life!

TJ: Deezy, you gotta keep it real! There were some question marks going into the game...

CD: (interrupting) Yo, you think I woulda let Westy and DeShaun sit out if I was even concerned about the Wopats doin' anythang? They was walkin' wounded, yo! They best players was in street clothes! Yo, the Fan Club, they only be a 115-point team on a good day, yo! And Sunday was a good day, cuz we got another W!

TJ: That you did, making seven straight regular season victories, dating back to last season and breaking the team record set back in 2003. What are your thoughts on reaching that milestone?

CD: Yo, I ain't gonna lie, cuz the more we win, the more I get paid, yo! But I gotta break it down like this... the only reason we win is so we make the playoffs, and we make the playoffs to take the title. If we ain't win another game this season, but we still make the playoffs and win the championship, then we had a good year. It's all about the Fantasy Football Fever trophy! And the only games we gotta win is those last three, no doubt!

TJ: Before we go to break... this week, you've got the Guantanamo Pep Squad comin' to town, and we'll talk more about that, but it was just announced that this week's game is sold-out. How does it feel to have such fan support?

CD: Yo, we sold out? Cuz I was just talkin' to Jenny up in the ticket office, and she tol' me that...

TJ: (interrupting) C-Deezy fa Sheezy, talkin' with us on the Afterparty! We're gonna break for station I.D. and what have you, but we're gonna be right back. This is the Deezies Afterparty on the Deezies Sportsradio Network!


(pre-recorded comments from ANDRE DAVIS)

AD: For me, it's just a mind-set. It's just a matter of how hard do you work. A lot of people, if they're deactivated, they might not be working as hard. For me, I'm preparing every week like I'm going to play. When I do get in there, I expect myself to make plays and that's what I've been able to do. It's just something that I think is expected of our receivers. We need to go out there and make plays. I don't look at it as being anything special. I just look at it as going out there and doing what I'm supposed to do.

(end pre-recorded comments)

TJ: That was Andre Davis... the veteran wide receiver is the latest addition to the Deezies roster, and he and Marty Booker are expected to take the field this Sunday in place of Kevin Curtis and T.J. Houshmandzadeh. This is the Deezies Afterparty, and C-Deezy, what will Davis bring to the team?

CD: Yo, Andre... he been around the league and he done seen a lot, but he been stuck on special teams duty the last coupl'a years, tryin' to fight his way onto a roster. So, yo, when we put the call out for another wideout, he came in for a tryout, and I gotta say, he got some moves, yo! So we gonna give him that gameday opportunity and see what he do wit' it, on tha real!

TJ: Let's talk about the next game... the Guantanamo Pep Squad and Coach Preseau... it's been three years since you've defeated a Preseau-led team and, during that time, they have gone from the league basement to become one of the top teams in Fantasy Football Fever. Just two weeks ago, the Pep Squad set the record for most points scored by a team in a game. They boast not only an offense ranked second only to the Deezies, but they also have the second-best defense in the league, so the question for you, Deezy, is this... will the Deezies try to slow the Pep Squad down, or will they try to shoot it out?

CD: I ain't gonna give away our gameplan, uh-uh, no way, but Ty, you know I've had this game circled for a minute. Bad blood aside, I gotta give Coach Preseau his props, cuz he gets his team ready for every game, and you can't say that about a lotta coaches in this league. You ain't gonna see him leavin' spots open or puttin' crippled guys on his starting roster. Right now, there's only three teams in this league worth a damn. We one a' them, we beat another one two weeks ago, and we playin' the third this Sunday. So, yo, all I got to say is that we gettin' ready for a fight and we gonna give as good as we get.

TJ: I gotta say, Deezy, you don't sound as confident as you usually do.

CD: Yo, I already know that we ain't got Westy, and he ain't gonna be 100 percent again this season. T-J ain't gonna play cuz he and Preseau have a thing. Zach done took too many shots and now he don't know what year it is. And, like I done said, Preseau, he gonna have his team ready to go. Now don't get me wrong... after this game, we gonna run the table, but this one, with the way we are, it's gonna be a little too close for my comfort, yo.

TJ: We've got time for one email, this one from Eric in Mount Morris. He says he couldn't find anything about your movie on IMDB.com, and he wants to know if the bulb in your spotlight is burnt out or if you've misplaced your egg timer.

CD: Yo, I ain't got nothin' to say to that.

TJ: Fair enough. You're listening to the Deezies Afterparty on the Deezies Sportsradio Network.... we'll be right back.


TJ: It's time to wrap up the Afterparty once again... but before we get into this week's freestyle, I gotta let the people know that you won't be here next week. C-Deezy, where you gonna be?

CD: Yo, I'mma gonna be at the world premiere of my movie, THUGTASTIC! It's gonna be a hood event, and to get in, you gotta be a T-list celebrity... that's "T" for thug, yo! Gotsta keep it real in the double-oh-seven!

TJ: We're gonna miss you, Deezy! But next week, we'll hear from Deezies Sports Limited president and CCO Carson L. Rizor, from assistant head coach Jimmy Smith, and from some other special guests, so be sure to tune in next week, same Deezy-time, same Deezies Sportsradio Network! Now, Deezy's in the booth, so we're gonna throw on a beat and let him go!

(cue "I Get Money" instrumental)

CD: Yo, that beat is fat! I gotta represent now! C-Deezy fa Sheezy! You know who I be! Yo!

Tony Romo, yo, he down wit' us
Brian Westbrook, yo, he down wit' us
The true Champ Bailey, he down wit' us
And you know Steve Smith still be down wit' us

Remember Coach Pool said he was never beat
So how we 4-and-oh while he 1-and-3?
We run this league, ain't like you don't know
Everyone of you punks done watched the video
You was laughin' then, but now it ain't funny
Cuz every time we win, yo, I get money
First week in, got paid in Fowlerville
We ran up the tab and left Trenkle with the bill
Got a FEMA check in Fenton, you know, disaster funds
Went and cashed it at the bank, got it back in ones
Dundee DolphinZ thought they was still the champs
But I took they trophy, now all they got is food stamps

Yeah, that was just the first four, but now we gotta take the fifth. We still got some unfinished business over in Ypsitucky, but we gonna settle it in the A-Deuce. Yo.

We take the lead,
We keep the lead,
We win another one cuz we all fa Sheez!
That's who we be
We all got cheese
I done told all y'all that we run this league!

Yo, who's that man, back behind the stands
Takin' it in the can? Mr Blue Pill Man
Now he gone Cuban cuz he's a millionaire Mark
You ain't dancin' wit' no stars, just pantsin' in the dark!
I got gold in my grill like it's corn on the cob
We all get money, so I ain't gotta Rob
Coach Preseau still tryin' to do a 10-K dash
He wanna get outta town before we take all his cash
Don't wanna start somethin' that you cain't finish
I'm like Popeye in this bitch, gettin' cash is my spinach
Last thing before I go, yo, check out my movie
I'm ghost like I got huge tits whisperin' to me

YO, you can change your name, but you still gonna come up short. Deezies Afterparty. 2007. And we laughin' all the way to the bank... word life!

TJ: And that's gonna do it for this week. I'm Ty Jackson. This week's game against the Guantanamo Pep Squad is sold out, but we'll have the game here on the Deezies Sportsradio Network. And don't forget to join us here next Tuesday for a special edition of the Afterparty! One love!


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