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Segment from The Dexter Kyle Show, 8/17/07

(Segment from The Dexter Kyle Show as aired 8/17/07 on the Yahoo! Radio Network)

DK: With just three weeks to go before the official start of the Fantasy Football Fever season, fans across the nation have been paying close attention to the comings and goings of the various teams. You can expect to hear from several players, coaches, and owners, starting next Monday. Meanwhile, our neighbors to the north are getting ready for playoff fever, having followed their own brand of football over the last two months. The Canadian Fantasy Football Queen's League season wrapped up last week, and the playoffs begin next week with the Calgary Petrols hosting the Edmonton Mallrats, and the Montreal Francofolies hosting the Québec Deezies. Joining us by phone to talk about the CFFQL and what it has managed to accomplish in just a short period of time is one of the architects of the new league, Deezies Sports Limited president Carson L. Rizor. Carson, welcome to the show.

CR (on the phone, deflated): Yeah, whatever.

DK: As I noted, the league has finished its first seven-week season, playing 21 games, including three games played in cities that do not have a CFFQL franchise. In your opinion, has the league been a success?

CR: Well, Dexter, it's too early to make that call just yet. We have a three-year plan for the league, and part of the plan was to expect some financial losses this first year. That said, attendance has been about what we expected, for the most part. We were very impressed with the reception our games received in Winnepeg and Ottawa, which bodes well for our future expansion plans.

DK: You mentioned finances, and it's been reported that your team, the Québec Deezies, has suffered some of the largest losses among CFFQL teams. Could you comment on those losses?

CR: Um... Well, Dexter, I think the schedule worked against us, having those two home games at the start, and then not playing in Québec again until the last game of the season. We had a lot of momentum with those first two games and didn't have the right opportunity to capitalize.

DK: Are you referring to the Deezies' three straight losses to close the season, or to the controversial comments that Coach Deezy made just before the season finale?

CR (defensive): That was just a misunderstanding...

DK: He said, and I'm quoting from the transcript here, "if Coach Richard is feeling froggy, he better jump," endquote.

CR: No, no, no. How was he supposed to know that that word was offensive to French-Canadians? I didn't even know!

DK: He continued, quote, "and if that curd-eating syrup-sipper wants it with me or anybody on the team, he can put down his white flag, voulez-vous on over and take it like a Canuck," endquote.

CR: OK, so that was a little over the top, but again, how was he supposed to know that's an offensive word? I mean, there's a hockey team called the Canucks!

DK: (interrupting) And there's also the video that Coach Deezy posted online...

CR: (interrupting) Wait a minute... WHAT video?

DK: There's a video online of Coach Deezy making threats to various coaches and players... are you denying responsibility for the video?

CR: (halting) I... no... we didn't... no! He's not supposed to do that! We had an agreement!


DK: (pause) Okay... it sounds like we have lost our connection... that was Carson L. Rizor, president of Deezies Sports Limited, which owns the Québec Deezies, one of six franchises in the new Canadian Fantasy Football Queen's League. After this break, we will talk golf and whether the FedEx Cup has any meaning to the players competing for it, or if it's just another round of golf. You're listening to The Dexter Kyle Show on the Yahoo! Radio Network.


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