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mooch chat log 11-07-06

CrazyJim1: I see you got rid of 'Pepper. It's about time !

mooch: Every time CrazyJim? Daunte and I got along great. He was my guy. Right now we just have to try to win games under Steve until Matt gets back on his feet.

CrazyJim1: I'm just saying, you know, it's about time. That's all.

lightsabergal: Mooch, what the hell happened this weekend??!

mooch: Let it go Jim. I'm not sure what happened. We lost, just like everyone else that has played them.

lightsabergal: Oh oh .. because C-Deezy sucks dick, does that mean you are going to also?

robot_lords_of_tokyo: lol C-Deezy is gay. And I'm not talking Mark Foley gay...

ScatterChat: What? We lost? You call that a loss? That's not a loss that's a woopn' If we can't even get in the same league with those guys how can we be the FFF Champs? We can't, you suck!

robot_lords_of_tokyo: I'm talking like the ex-Reverand Ted Haggard gay...

Digital Vomit: We didn't lose we got our asses kicked.

robot_lords_of_tokyo: You know as in he actually pays a guy to fuck him in the ass.

mooch: I'm not happy we lost. I think it was a major blow to -1 Insightful’s comeback. But I'm not about to sit back and dwell on the fact that we played the #1 team in the league and didn't bring our #1 game. In fact we played as though we were playing the Flint Bullets again. I'm might make some more changes to the team for this Sunday. We'll be ready this week. We've learned that no matter what you have to bring your "A game" or you are going to be holding your jock at the end of the afternoon. This will not happen again. We will meet them again this year, and we will make them look like "Japanese school girls in Hentai." And for the last time Coach C-Deezy isn't gay. John can we ban that guy?

robot_lords_of_tokyo: He PAYS for it LOLOLOLOLOL fag.

robot_lords_of_tokyo has been banned for using offensive language..

Overzeetop: Do you have anything to say about Coach Young's return to the public's eye?

mooch: As we all know he's been on these boards from some time now asking for my head I wouldn't be surprised if he's here today lurking. So I don't think last week was his "return to the public's eye."

SillyNickName4me: 2 look fwd 2 this week what do u plan 2 chg?

mooch: We'll work this hard on our fundamentals. I really do think we got intimidated out there. They were undefeated. In prior weeks they looked unstoppable. Our own home town press said and I quote "It would be nice, it's just not going to happen." Then they started to cover the ex-Coach Young story more then ours. We just had a bad week, that's not going to happen again.

mooch: Well that's all for today folks. Thanks for your questions.

nbr1fan: Lurking... yes... I have learned my lesson and that lesson is stalking can get you six months.


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