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The Deezies Afterparty, 11-7-06


(cue instrumental - 50 Cent, "In Da Club")

TJ: This is the Deezies Afterparty! Ty Jackson here, the host of the only show that takes a weekly look at the Deezies fa Sheezies. The Deezies were without their coach, C-Deezy fa Sheezy, but that didn't stop them from getting the victory at home over Gas Construction, 143 to 124. Champ Bailey ended two red zone visits by his former team with interceptions, and Corey Dillon crossed the stripe twice in the win. This week, the Deezies continue their homestand with a rematch of last year's championship game. That's right, Team Bizarro World is coming to town, and we'll talk to two very special guests about all of that, in just a moment.


(cue instrumental)

TJ: Thank you for joining us for another edition of the Deezies Afterparty, airing in syndication across all 48 continental states on the Deezies Sportsradio Network. [fade out instrumental] I'm Ty Jackson, and as you all know, C-Deezy fa Sheezy is at home recuperating from some recent injuries. Deezy, I know you're listening... keep your head up, playa, and we'll see on the flip side. Since Deezy couldn't be here with us, we had to get someone to fill in... and we ended up with two very special guests. Let me welcome to the studio the president and chief creative officer of Deezies Sports Limited... Carson Rizor... and the offensive coordinator and now interim coach of the Deezies fa Sheezies... Jimmy Smith!

<"applause" sound effect>

CR: Ty, thank you again for having us... and let me just say, Jimmy, that was a great win on Sunday. You're adding to an already incredible career and I'm proud to have you on our sideline.

JS: Thank you, thank you, thank you. Deezy, that one was for you. I owe so much to you, and we're counting the days until you're back with us.

TJ: Jimmy, let me start with you. You've only been coaching since September, but with the injuries to C-Deezy, you're thrust into the spotlight. What was it like, being the one in charge?

JS: I'm still wondering myself! (laughter) Seriously, we're still very much C-Deezy's team. Most of the work is done before we even take the field... all the boys already know what they're doing. The only difference for me is that I had to keep track of both sides of the ball. But... Carson, is it okay if I make this announcement?

CR: Go ahead, Jimmy. You're the man.

JS: Alright... we've just hired Dan Morgan as our defensive coordinator. It's a win-win for all of us, because Dan needs something to do while he's waiting for the doctors to clear him for contact.

TJ: That's great news. Now, this upcoming game... Team Bizarro World, not only are they the defending champs, but they also won all three games against the Deezies last year. Coach Trenkle is out, Coach Laith is in, and they look as strong as they did last year. Obviously, having this game as your second instead of your first will help, but do you feel any extra pressure to win this game?

JS: No, not really, Ty. Coach Deezy has always been big on looking forward, not looking backward. We can't go back in time and play that team or replay those games, we have to concentrate on winning the games we have to play now. This week just happens to be Team Bizarro World, but it could just as easily be the Dolphinz or the Bullets... we still need to win.

CR: This is just another example of why Jimmy is a fine choice, Ty. He knows what needs to be done, and he can get it done.

TJ: Carson, before we go to break, what's the status of C-Deezy? Is he done for the year?

CR: It's too soon to tell, Ty. The doctors had to reconstruct most of his front teeth, and when I saw him the other day, there was still a lot of swelling. I can tell you this, he still wants to be out there. And if we didn't have Jimmy, it would have been harder for me to tell C-Deezy to stay at home. As it is, we can afford to give C-Deezy the time he needs to get better. His health is important to this organization, and it would be foolish to jeopardize that just to have him on the sideline.

TJ: Carson Rizor and Jimmy Smith, joining us on the Deezies Afterparty. It's time to hear from the advertisers, fade in instrumental], but we're gonna be right back. This is the Deezies Afterparty on the Deezies Sportsradio Network. [fade out instrumental]


(fade in instrumental)

TJ: Welcome back to the Deezies Afterparty! (fade out instrumental) Ty Jackson, here with the president and CCO of Deezies Sports Limited, Carson Rizor... and the interim coach of the Deezies fa Sheezies, Jimmy Smith. But now, let's welcome our THIRD guest... the newest member of the Deezies defensive unit, Champ Bailey!

(play opening chants of "The Champ Is Here")

CB: Thank you, Ty. It's been an incredible week for me, and I'm just glad for the opportunity to play.

TJ: Well, let's talk about that. You were undrafted, then picked up by Gas Construction shortly thereafter, spent about a month with them before being cut, then spent a couple of weeks with -1 Insightful, and now, you're a Deezy. Was it hard, not knowing where you would be from week to week?

CB: Yeah, but that's the thing about being on defense in this league. You can't lose your confidence. Once we lose our swagger, I mean, we might as well pack it up and go home. I think I'm capable, and when I've had my opportunities, I've taken advantage of them. But you've got to do it consistently until the end of the season.

TJ: You certainly took advantage of Rex Grossman on Sunday. Two interceptions, both at the 3-yard line. He wasn't with Gas Construction when you were, so it's not like you had the experience of practicing against him. So how did you do it?

CB: Rex is so confident. He has tremendous confidence that he can make every play. I knew he was going to come at me because he has that kind of confidence. But there is a price you have to pay for coming at me.

TJ: Speaking of that price, I was looking over your stats... you have four interceptions on the season, and all of them have come from inside the five. Is it safe to say that you turn it up a notch in the red zone?

CB: I didn't even realize that, four picks inside the 5. I've never heard of that, never. What's the deal? You tell me. You need to talk to these quarterbacks and find out what's going on. Or rather, don't talk to them. Keep them coming. (laughter)

TJ: We all hope they keep coming, and we also hope they do it while you're a Deezy, but, as you noted earlier, guys who play defense can't always count on having a job the next week. How long do you think you'll be in a Deezies uniform?

CB: I'm not concerned about it, really. If it happens, it happens. I'm just concerned about winning that championship, getting that ring.

TJ: Champ Bailey, speaking to us on the Deezies Afterparty. We've got one more surprise for you, right after this break. [play instrumental]


TJ: It's time to wrap up another Afterparty. Normally, we would close with a freestyle from C-Deezy, but he's still recovering from emergency dental surgery and isn't here with us in person... but he's joining us on the phone! C-Deezy, can you hear me?

CD: (sluggish) Yoooooo. Deezy in the houssssssse.

TJ: Deezy, how are you feelin'?

CD: Yo, I'm mad uncomfortable fa real. I cain't move my jaw, I wuz all swoll shut there fa' awhile. But, man, they gave me some good (beep)! Demerol is the bomb, yo! I wish they'd given me that stuff when I wuz wrestlin', cuz I'm feelin' no pain!

TJ: We had your boss on earlier, and he said it would be some time before you're cleared to return to the sideline...

CD: (interrupting) Yo, I'm ready to go now! I'm goin' crazy, just layin' here and starin' at the walls... ain't no reason I cain't be out there. In fact... it's the end of the show, right? I'm gonna do a freestyle!

TJ: I don't think that's such a good idea. And anyway, we don't have any music ready.

CD: That's alright, dog! I already gots me a tune! Just let me hit play... (cue "Through The Wire" instrumental) Yo, it's been a rough year fa me...

TJ: (uncomfortable) Uh... C-Deezy fa Sheezy, joining us by phone from his home... hopefully, he's gonna be alright. The Deezies fa Sheezies are at home again this week, taking on the defending FFF champs, Team Bizarro World. The game is sold out, but you can watch it on Y!SN, you can listen to it here on the Deezies Sportsradio Network, and you can join us next Tuesday for another edition of the Afterparty! One love!


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