FFF 2009-10



Could it really be him?

(The camera is focused on a desk. The camera slowly pans up what we see on the desk is a half drank six pack of Bud Lite, a crusted over used condom, and what looks to be a football playbook. As the camera scrolls up we see a looks to be a slightly overweight man looking disheveled wearing a red shirt sitting behind the desk.)

Random Fan: Hello, I thought it was time I made my first public appearance since being fired by Yong Creative Services. Yes, it is I, COACH YOUNG. I know I've gained a few pounds and I might look a bit worse for wear but I have a message for all of you. I've been posting as RndFan on -1 Insightful’s website during the coarse of this season. People on there and people in the media feel that Coach C-Deezy might be gay. They have thrown a coming out party for the guy. Richard Marino and Steve Mariucci pretty much called him gay. And now on the -1 Insightful’s message board people are calling Mandy and Candy (who he's been hanging around with lately) Post Op-Transsexuals. Transsexuals! As you all know I have also been with Mandy and Candy and after I pleased them Coach Townsend made up an outright lie that those beautiful women used to be men. You know as well as I that I HATE and I mean HATE C-fn'-Deezy. But I haven't to come to his defense. Mandy and Candy are indeed women. They have always been women. And they will always be women. They are great girls and don't deserve to be disrespected like this. For Godsakes people! They are fucking Coach C-Deezy, isn't that public humiliation enough? That is all I have for now.


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