FFF 2009-10



Chat Log -- Post after party 10-27

Anonymous Coward: I just wanted to bring up the fact that Coach Townsend sent Mandy and  Candy to spend some 'quality time' with Coach C-Deezy.  I know for a fact that those  'cheerleaders' are not 'girls.'  Let me take you back to a time of Coach Young when he  had sex with Mandy and Candy during his halftime show during the Dundee Dolphins game.   Later Coach Townsend let us all know that Mandy and Candy were Post Op-Transsexuals.

robot_lords_of_tokyo: I told you Deezy was gay !

xQx: I guess this quote from the after party makes more sense then; "Mandy and Candy, they ain't like them other girls... they on some "For-Your-Eyes-Only", extra-gadget-type  stuff"

LiquidCoooled: Eww.

19thNervousBreakdown: That's not right.

RndFan: I think that Coach Townsend only said that because Coach Young called him out  about cheating and changing the scoring after the game.

ScatterChat: Oh come on that never really happened.  It's not like the ex-commish would do something like that.  Lost just lost.

RndFan: It did too ... he CHEATED.  I went to bed and Lost won.  I woke up and Lost lost? That doesn't just happen unless someone was changing the scores.

P3NIS_CLEAVER: Come on RndFan and Scatter Chat we are currently just talking about Mandy  and Candy along with Deezy being gay.  Or at least having sex with dudes that are not chicks.

RndFan: I'm just saying that I think those girls were really girls.  It was just a vicious rumor started by Coach Townsend.  I feel bad for those girls.  They are innocent victims in stupid rumors.

LiquidCoooled: But I remember the halftime report and then the FFF notice about this particular topic.  I don't remember Coach Young ever disputing it, or the 'girls' ever coming forward to squash the fact that they used to be men.

xQx: Deezy is gay.  That's all we are really getting at here RndFan.  I used to love watching those halftimes and Coach Young was a man's man.  But in this case he was a "man's man."  From what I've heard it was hard to tell that they used to be men.

RndFan: There  is no way in HELL that they were men.  I was ther... I mean I saw the video tape.  It looked, smelled, felt, and tasted like a beaver.

ScatterChat: Wait... "looked, smelled, felt, and tasted like a beaver."  How could you tell how it felt, smelled, or tasted on  video tape?

RndFan has logged off.

LiquidCoooled: So who thinks RndFan is C-Deezy?

xQx: I do...

ScatterChat: Oh yeah...

P3NIS_CLEAVER: If not it would have been someone else that was with them...

dubiousdave: Hmm... You think it could have been Coach Young?

_Swank: i didn't think so b4 but i do now.

LiquidCoooled: There is no way Coach Young would defend C-Deezy.  However he did once say to bring back Coach Young.

P3NIS_CLEAVER: Yeah, there's no way.. so it must be C-Deezy, or one of his 'lovers'


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