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The Deezies Afterparty, 10-27-06


(cue instrumental - 50 Cent, "In Da Club")

TJ: This is the Deezies Afterparty! Ty Jackson here, the host of the only show that takes a weekly look at the Deezies fa Sheezies. The Deezies dropped another game on the road, this one to the Tom Wopat Fan Club. Fan Club cornerback Rondé Barber returned two picks for touchdowns in the 156-114 defeat. This week, the Deezies wrap their road trip with a Halloween visit to Munger, home of Team Swamp Balls. We'll talk to Coach Deezy about the team's outlook for the second half of the season, in just a moment.


(cue instrumental)

TJ: Thank you for joining us again for another special Friday edition of the Deezies Afterparty, airing in syndication across all 48 continental states on the Deezies Sportsradio Network. [fade out instrumental] I'm Ty Jackson, joined once again in the studio by the man of the hour... C-Deezy fa Sheezy!

("applause" sound effect)

CD: Yo, dawg. It feels good to be back in tha spot, ya know what I'm sayin'?

TJ: I hear ya, Deezy! I know it's been a rough couple of weeks for you, but let's start with the game against the Tom Wopat Fan Club... a lot of people will look at the score and think it was a blowout, but the guys were in it almost to the end. What do the Deezies take away from this game?

CD: First off, I gotta give it up to Rondé. Fa real, he had it goin' on on Sunday, and I cain't take nothin' away from that cat, yo. The way I see it, we ain't lose to no Fan Club, we lost to Rondé. Coach Pool bettah keep him around because he need a Barber fa real, yo! Yo, we prolly coulda used some extra bodies on defense, prolly coulda run the ball a little bettah than we did, and I gotta put some of that on LJ. If he ain't wanna play, he shoulda said somethin' a lot earlier than he did! We coulda brought Dillon back to Cooter County... hell, we coulda brought Leon there! We ain't have nobody!

TJ: The loss drops the Deezies to 3-and-4 for the second year in a row, but, perhaps more telling, you're winless on the road with two more stops to go and the very real prospect of not having any homefield advantage come playoff time.

CD: Whoa, whoa, whoa. There still be a lotta season to play, yo! You look at the rest of our schedule... ain't no reason we cain't win all six 'a 'em! And e'en if we only win five... say, four 'a 'em... we still, what, 7-and-6? 8-and-5? And you think we cain't get no home playoff game with that kinda record? Yo, it don't matter how it go down, yo... we gon' stay Deezy 'til we d-i-e, and that's on tha real! We gon' bring it every chance we done get and we gonna finish strong! Yo, ain't nobody take his team to as many games in the league as I done did! Three winning seasons in a row! Who done that? Homefield advantage, three years straight! Who done that? Two trips to the championship! Who done that, yo? Ain't nobody hot like me! We ain't afraid'a nobody! All that hatah talk... yo, they got a long way to go before they even be heard! This ain't the Fantasy Football Fever, it's the Deezy Football Fever fa sheezy, and they all be tryin' to be in my league, yo! Holla at ya boy!

TJ: I'll holla, Deezy! Before we go to break, I gotta ask you... what's up with those two cheerleaders?

CD: Yo, them hotties be the bomb, yo! Commissioner Townsend done did me a solid! Good lookin' out, playa! Mandy and Candy, they ain't like them other girls... they on some "For-Your-Eyes-Only", extra-gadget-type stuff... ya know, they got it goin' on like Bond girls by tha pool, ya know what I'm sayin'? Sha-zam!

TJ: Uh... yeah. We gotta hear from some advertisers, [fade in instrumental], but we're gonna be right back. This is the Deezies Afterparty on the Deezies Sportsradio Network. [fade out instrumental]


(pre-recorded comments from CHESTER TAYLOR)

CT: So far it has been what they told me it was going to be as far as wanting me to run the ball. It's everything I want it to be. As long as I'm getting a chance to help my team win, that's all that counts. I'm a running back, that's my job. That's the most physical position on the team. I just take it week by week and go out there and try to stay as healthy as I can.

(end pre-recorded comments)

TJ: Chester Taylor, who has been a key component of the Deezies ground game. He's second in the league in total rushing yardage, but, until Sunday's 95-yard scamper, he had only scored once on the ground all season. Deezy, I know you've had concerns about your team's ability to run the ball... so where does it stand now?

CD: Yo, I think we be makin' some progress... big up to Chester, who's showin' he can handle the load. Dillon and Foster, yo, they still gonna get they touches, but it gonna be awhile before you see LJ again. Hell, every time I'm out at the club, I throw my back out, and you don't see me whinin' on game day! So I gotta move him down the depth chart and bring up anotha young rookie... I'm talking 'bout Leon Washington. Yo, if he can do half of what Biz Marques been doin' for us, we got a good shot at runnin' the rest of the table, ya know what I'm sayin'? Word life!

TJ: Speaking of the rest of the table, let's talk about the next game... Team Swamp Balls, they're 4-and-3, they're at home, and it's no secret that you've had your problems handling Coach Chiquet's Balls.

CD: I ain't nevah had no problem with that, yo!

TJ: Then let me put it another way: there are only three fields where the Deezies have never won -- Dundee, Wixom, and Saginaw.

CD: Yo, they ain't even in Saginaw no mo'! And that don't matter no way... whether we at they place or we go back to our place, it's gonna be somethin' ugly bumpin'!

TJ: The game will have a later start, as do all games played at Jack Potato Field... how will that affect the Deezies?

CD: That ain't no thang, yo! We known for stayin' out late and gettin' our drink on! That's why they call this the Afterparty, on tha real! The only thing that gon' be different is that we ain't gotta go nowhere... we can party right there! Hell, we can do it before the game, during the game, AND after!

TJ: That's a lot of drinkin' on tap! But what about the game? The oddsmakers have you as two-point favorites. Are they right?

CD: Yo, is that all? Yo, we gonna put 'em down by at least ten. I got me a good feelin' about this one.

TJ: One more for you before we go to break... are the Deezies doing anything special for Halloween this season?

CD: Yeah, we gonna break out the zombie throwbacks again this year. All I'm sayin' is that Team Swamp Balls bettah be treatin', cuz we sho' as hell ain't trickin', yo!

TJ: C-Deezy fa Sheezy, talkin' with us on this special edition of the Afterparty! We're gonna break for station I.D. and what have you, then Deezy's gonna hit us with one of his ill freestyles. You're listening to the Deezies Afterparty on the Deezies Sportsradio Network!


TJ: Deezies Afterparty, Ty Jackson here... C-Deezy's in the booth and ready to go, but first he's got something to say.

CD: Yo, all y'all that's been listenin' to the show, comin' out to the games, wearin' the gear... yo, y'all been the reason I been able to keep goin' these past few weeks, so I just wanna thank all'a y'all fa your support, and that's on tha real. Y'all keep me Deezy fa Sheezy, word life.

TJ: Okay, here's the track... (cue "Sound Off" instrumental) Go to it!

CD: Yo...

CD: Yo, that track was outta this world, like it from Mars! Ill, yo!

TJ: Not like you, C-Deezy fa Sheezy! I'm Ty Jackson. The Deezies fa Sheezies are taking Halloween to Munger this Sunday for a game against Team Swamp Balls! And don't forget to join us here next Tuesday, in our regular time slot, for another edition of the Afterparty! One love!


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