FFF 2009-10



Mooch chat log 10-24

CrazyJim1: Clearly we've been winning because of Hasselbeck.  From the news reports he'll be out for at least 3 weeks.  You don't plan on playing Daunte again do you?


Mooch:  CrazyJim, I know you don't like Daunte, but I have faith that he's a great QB, however; due to his injury, he's going to be out a few more weeks.  We picked up Steve McNair and he's getting the nod as of now.


dubiousdave: Mooch, are you going to use Mark Brunell at all?


Mooch:  He has something to do this weekend.


robot_lords_of_tokyo: It is true that Coach C-Deezy is gay?


Mooch: I've been asked not to comment on why Coach C-Deezy is gay.


Mooch: I'm sorry, that should have read:  I've been asked not to comment on the Coach C-Deezy question.


radarsat1: Don't you think it's time OSTG gets rid of this team and goes back to computer related projects?


Mooch: I think that the best thing that's happened to Marlette was when OSTG bought this team.  I think also that the FFF really needed owners that understood what this league could become.


Apocalypse111: And that would be?


Mooch: I've been asked also not to talk about that.


SillyNickName4me: Can you take a moment and talk about the moves you've made for the up and coming weekend?


Mooch: We've added a whole new defense along with McNair and Vinatieri. I think this weekend looks good.  We are pretty lucky the Flint Bullets haven't really looked that strong this year.  But with that said, you should never overlook a Bullet that's headed for your head.


LiquidCoooled: I'm not so sure we can win in two weeks.


Mooch:  I know the commish has been having a great year but I think we can compete with anyone.  With that said... this is the same guy that keeps letting the Likes of C-Deezy stay in the league and do whatever he wants.  so I'll just leave it at that.


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