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webcast with mooch

*Daina Lewis from Action News 7 Detroit breaks into Dancing With the Stars to bring us a live webcast already in progress*

Diana Lewis: Action News 7 Detroit brings you breaking new of Coach Steve Mariucci's response to what he calls "urban city ball that is the Deezy fa Sheezies."

*Live via webcam we see Mooch sitting behind a desk answering questions from other webcamers*

Mooch: That "boy" is a thug ! I don't care if it was his grandma that raised him.  He has no respect for the game, life, or this league.  I believe that Coach Deezy is a back mark upon this great game.  I have proof that he deliberately and with malice tried and succeeded to injure my players.  I'm not going to get into the details here, I will talk to the commish directly tomorrow. But I have a signed "confession" by one of Coach Deezy's players. I will read a bit of it now: "Coach said go out there and kill 'em.  I didn't think we was serious but then he gave me a shank and said Take out Jurevicius. If you fail, well lets not talk about that.  At that point, after some of the stories I've heard of Coach I was scared for my life!  So I did it, I went out there and broke that shank off in Jurevicius's rib cage."  That right there folks, that's the kind of things that has happened to this league ever since this this this Clown got into this league. I'm going to watch the last three years worth of game tapes and look at the injury reports the day after this franchise has played a Coach Deezy team.  I sure hope this was a one time thing for Coach Deezy. Next Question !

johnron4000:  Coach, with so many players questionable for this weekend, do you plan on picking up anyone off the fa or wavers wires? And if not, is there any chance we are going to be 1-4 after this weekend?

Mooch:  That thug last week didn't do as much damage as he wanted to.  What they tried to do to Brian was beyond justifiable I talked to him today and he said his knee will be no way near 100% but he'll be laced up and ready on Sunday.  So with that I think we'll be ok with the who we have now.  I know the guys are chomping at the bit to get back on the field and show everything that our current record is a fluke.  Right now we are focused to play ever game as a playoff game.

lightsabergal:  From what I've read earlier today it looks like Deezy fa Sheezies is trying to steal Hasslebeck out from under you?  Can you comment on what happen to negations between the Tin Indians and -1 Insightful?

Mooch:  I'd like to say first that I have great respect for the Tin Indians' organization.  I just think they wanted a running more then a budding star known as Matt Leinart.  I think it's a mistake that they passed up our offer.  But we understand and look forward to work with the Tin Indians in the future.

LiquidCoooled: Mooch thanks for taking my question.  We are currently 1-3.  Within the last 3 years we've changed Names, Coaches, Owners, and team members.  What the hell do we have to do to have a winning season like we did in the first year in the league?

Mooch:  I understand your concern.  I would ask of our fans is to give us a chance to get our changes in place.  Coach Young and YCS have tainted this organization so bad that it's going to take some time to turn us around.  So again I just ask you to stick with us.  You'll see by the end of the season we'll have that winning record you so rightly deserve.

robot_lords_of_tokyo:  It's it true that C-Deezy is gay?

Mooch: Haha. No I don't think that's true, but I wouldn't be surprised.

CrazyJim1: I think it's time to pull Daunte as the starter. His numbers have just been flat.

Mooch: 'Pepper isn't doing so bad.  Look he's kept us in the games with the top teams in the league.  Last week, he never said it, but I think he really feared for his life after what happened to Jurevicius's ribs.

Mooch: We I'd like to thank you for taking the time out of your day to talk to me.  I enjoyed the feedback and I look forward to our win this Weekend.  I hope you'll all join us and cheer us to victory.

Diana Lewis: We'll follow this story and have updates for you at 11.  Now back to your regular programming.


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