FFF 2009-10



-1 Insightful Chat log

Chat: Mooch hits back.

Mod: Thank you  for joining us today. We have The Mooch sitting down with us.  I'll turn this over to him now.

Mooch: I'm only going to comment about what Coach Deezy said… rapped… whatever… is that it was hurtful and I'm not sure I like him as a person anymore.  I was brought in here to turn this team around and comments like that are not helpful and only will shine a negative light on not only -1 insightful but also Deezies fa Sheezies and the FFF as a whole.

Mooch has left the room.

nbr1fan: I just wanted to say that Coach Deezy and the rest of his team are just punks!  For all that Deezy trash talking he has yet to back it up.

Digital Vomit: I still can't get over Coach Preseau pulling a few starters in the second half, and not replacing them with anyone else.  I mean, how do you pull your kicker and still win... oh yeah... all you have to do is play Deezy's team.

LiquidCoooled: Though I know this team has never beeten a Deezy team.  I think this is the year. /. rules !

radarsat1: Hey have you guys seen the new Optimus Mini Three OLED keyboard.  That thing is awesome !

P3NIS_CLEAVER: radarsat1, this is about -1 insightful, please keep ot. (But yeah I've seen it, I can't wait till I can get one in the states)

_Swank: Anyone else heard that Deezy guy is gay?

Apocalypse111: _Swank, I haven't heard that per-say, just that he's been spending a lot of time out at Richard Gear's place.

Sneaky G: a/s/l

aadvancedGIR: Gear :-) isn't that the guy with the gerbil?

_Swank: Yep.

xQx: http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=richard+gear ... The gerbil thing isn't true.

robot_lords_of_tokyo: -1 insightful put together a good team this year.  After last week I think they are ready to play as a team.  I would hate to be anyone playing them the rest of the season.

xQx: Oh yeah, I still think Deezy is gay though.

19thNervousBreakdown:  I don't think he's gay. I tell you ... you suck one dick...

Digital Vomit: lol

ScatterChat: Actually I think Coach Deezy has had this teams number from day one.  I really don't think we can win.

nbr1fan: STFU ScatterChat, this board is for fans not fags.

LiquidCoooled: brb

radarsat1: wtf, this is /. we shouldn't even be talkin football.

_Swank: radarsat1 is a n00b.

radarsat1 has left the room

Apocalypse111: I just got an email saying they've fixed the glitch in the voting for picking starters.

Sneaky G: a/s/l

CrazyJim1: I think it's time to pull Daunte as the starter.   His numbers have just been flat.

ScatterChat: Hey, I'm just trying to be honest here, I love -1 insightful as much as you do, I'm just saying they can't be Deezy.  Look at the last 3 years !

nbr1fan: ScatterChat, you might be right that we've lost in the past, but that's the past.  Deezy is having issues.  We've got a great coach in Mooch and a good QB in 'Pepper. Deezy doesn't stand a chance.

Sneaky G: a/s/l

Sneaky G: a/s/l

nbr1fan: CrazyJim1, that name really fits you.  Daunte is the man, he's just having a slow start.  There isn't any undertones like there was when we were under Coach Young.

Sneaky G: a/s/l

Sneaky G: a/s/l

ScatterChat: nbr1fan, look these are the facts...

Sneaky G: a/s/l

Sneaky G: a/s/l

Sneaky G: a/s/l

Sneaky G: a/s/l

CrazyJim1: Oh come on, if it wasn't for our defense, we wouldn't even be in any of these games. And we sure as hell wouldn't have one this last week.

Sneaky G has gotten the boot and is not blocked.

nbr1fan: ScatterChat, right but it's all in the past.

LiquidCoooled: Wow did you hear TO just OD'ed

19thNervousBreakdown:  Yeah but when you've been on his last two teams would you?

ScatterChat: nbr1fan, past or not.  They have our number.

LiquidCoooled: Yeah maybe he saw the video with Deezy and the gerbil.

ScatterChat: Plus it's not like we are playing that well.

19thNervousBreakdown:  lol @ LiquidCoooled

RndFan: -1 Insightful Rulez

RndFan: Deezy Sux !

RndFan: Bring back Coach Young !  Mooch is sooo boring.  L8er !


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