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Segment from "The Dexter Kyle Show", 6/21/06

(Segment from "The Dexter Kyle Show" as aired 6/21/06 on the Yahoo! Radio Network)

DK: The Fantasy Football Fever owners' meeting concluded earlier this week and, as expected, the league voted to add two new franchises beginning with the 2006 season. While the owners also approved some scoring changes designed to reward extraordinary performances, they rejected a move to divisional play, reductions in roster size, and a pay raise for the league commissioner. On the line to talk about the upcoming changes and non-changes to the FFF is someone who was at the meeting, Deezies Sports president Carson L. Rizor. Carson, welcome to the show.

CR (on the phone): Thanks, Dexter. It's always a pleasure.

DK: Let's get right to the big news, and that's the expansion from ten to twelve teams. There's been talk of expanding the league ever since its inception... why do it now?

CR: Well, Dexter, the league has been a major success year after year, so I think we all knew that expansion wasn't an "if," it was a "when" and "how." It just so happened that we had two solid franchise proposals this year, which made the whole thing a no-brainer.

DK: You mentioned the "how" of expansion, and some of the proposals before the owners included splitting the league into divisions and reducing the roster size. Could you provide some insight into why those proposals ultimately failed?

CR: Actually, there were a couple of proposals for divisional play, and unfortunately we couldn't come to an agreement on a single proposal, so we've tabled it until next year. It's just one of those things that we couldn't get done. As for cutting the roster, I had actually drafted a proposal to do just that, but in talking with the other owners, it became clear to me that doing so wouldn't benefit the game. That's going to make it tough on us as owners and managers to get the right mix of talent, but that's the reality of this job.

DK: Before I let you go, Carson, I want to ask you about your team, the Deezies fa Sheezies. It's been reported that Coach Deezy is in the final year of his contract, and, obviously, failing to win the championship for the second year in a row has to be disappointing. Is Coach Deezy's job riding on winning it all?

CR: First of all, I've been proud to have Coach Deezy with our organization all of these years. He's consistently proven to be one of the top coaches in the FFF... not only has he taken us to the playoffs every year, but we've had home-field, which is money in the bank. Any team would be a fool to not hire him, and we'd be twice as foolish to let him go. I don't want to jinx the process, but I expect that I'll have some very good news to announce before the month is out.

DK: Thank you for taking the time to talk with us this afternoon, Carson.

CR: The pleasure's all mine, Dexter.

DK: Carson Rizor is the president of Deezies Sports Limited, which owns the Deezies fa Sheezies of the FFF, the Newport Deezies of the We Found The Key hockey league, and one of nine franchises in the new Canadian Fantasy Football Queen's League... talking with us about changes that were made at the FFF owners' meeting. After a short break, we'll switch gears to auto racing and discuss why right turns are a bad idea. You're listening to the Dexter Kyle Show on the Yahoo! Radio Network.


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