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BigPerv Presser: 11-07-05

We can hear "I Run New York." by 50 cent  blaring in the background.  After the song finishes Coach Young enters wearing only a feather-boa.

CY: Let us get right to the questions...

R1: Coach, my sources tell me that the CPD had you in their offices for five hours, but then released you ruling that there was no foul play in what happened to Daunte.  Can you tell us why it took five hours of questioning?

CY: Just like the rap said: "Bitches Act Like Porn Stars When They Sit On The Dick"

R1: I'm sorry I don't think I get what you are saying.

CY: I was only questioned for 10 minutes.  Now, fill in the blanks yourselves. Next...

R2: Coach, you won your first game of the season, how good does it feel to get that monkey off your back.

CY: I'm not so sure I do have the monkey off my back.  As you all know we picked up McNair because Drew's father was having double-by-pass surgery Sunday.  And YCS cleared him to skip our game.  So I'm not sure I do have a monkey off my back.

R2: Are you suggesting that...

CY: Next question...

R3: Speaking of McNair he looked like a strong leader out there, he threw two touch down passes to Marvin.  How important was it to have someone of his caliber on the field for you?

CY"Been In The Game 10 Years And He Still Ain't Rich"

R3: Actually it's been 11 years for him.

R4: Coach Preseau looked very pissed off about the fact that you choose to throw down the field instead of running out the clock on the ground.  And in his post game he is quoted as saying, "What the hell, he had the game locked up, he's just being a dick, but I'm used to that, he's always been like that."  Your response?

CY: "Cuz He Ain't Got None Of That Shit He Sayin He Got
        And He Ain't Did None Of That Shit He Sayin He Did
        And I Ain't Got
        Time To Be Talking Bout This Shit"

R5: What?

CY: "Even His Momma Upset That He Still Ain't Shit" ... "But He Keep Runnin His Yap"

R6: Can we be done, this is turning into a Coach Pool interview, and well "I just don't have the patience to deal with these cocky Caucasians."

CY: "Please Don't Play With The Animal"


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