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BigPerv Post game 10-18-05

*We see Coach Young standing there with Marvin Harrison*

Random Sideline Reporter: Coach, you pretty guaranteed a victory today, yet you lost, your comment?

CY:  Listen up Light Foot, I needed to do something to spark my team.  They needed to remember who the play for.  These first few weeks they played like my ex-wife's p*ssy... sloppy.  They needed to know that no matter what I expect 110% !  Just like the BigPerv Cheerleaders expect nothing less the 10 inches.

Today was just like what I overheard a lady-of-the-night tell Coach Deezy one night; "Maybe if it was another six inches you could score." That's right, Marvin was only six inches away from scoring and giving us our first victory of the year.

But that's alright, we made some moves in the last few weeks to put us in the playoffs.  You heard me, I'm coming for you bitches ... and coming hard.

RR: Coach Young I heard you want to dump Culpepper, but under league rules, you can't just cut him, you have to trade him.  How could there be any interest in a guy who has more INT's then TD's?

CY: Look he's not my starter anymore, I went and got a Cerebral QB, I thought that Daunte was a great Athletic QB but you know he just doesn't have the head for this game.  If I have to keep him on my team, I'm going to start using him to generate review for Young Creative Solutions. Just this morning I talked to both Churches Chicken and Newport Cigarettes. So he'll just have to put a smile on his face and do what he's told. And we are out of here, lets go touchdown Tommy

*Camera Pans up to very stunned looking Marvin Harrison*


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