FFF 2009-10



BigPerv Post Game 10-10-05

Some Chump from TV25: Here with TV 25, Live !  Mr. Old, can you tell me how you lost this basketball game?

Coach Young: Mr. Old?

TW: Sorry, Coach Old, how did you lose this thing?

CY: Thing? Old? Basketball?!!

TW: You know the thingy you just did ...

*Coach Young decks TW in the mouth, TW falls down and does not get up peering down upon TW*

CY: You dumb mother f*** get off my GOD DAMN TV you non-sports loving mother f**ker.  Skip out on All-Star game... you... moth...

*Coach Young kicks TW then looks into the camera* 

Listen up America... I'm done with this bullsh**t !  Next week, I'll have these men ready, and they will ... and you can quote me on this... they will break the legs, arms, and sprits of Team Trenkle! They are going down like Deezy at a frat party.

*Coach Young walks off visibly angry*


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