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BigPerv - Post Draft Presser

Marlette, MI (Christian Science Monitor) - When Coach Young was asked about his draft picks this year this is what he had to say. 'My picks were inspired by God himself.' When asked to elaborate what he meant by that he stated something what could only be described as blasphemous language, 'Well me and the 'Big Guy's son, Jesus are tight, we are both big pimps.  What? You don't believe that Jesus was a pimp... think about this;  Women washed his feet with their hair, you can't get much more pimpn' then that.' Coach Young continued on 'Yeah, so I made all my picks while sitting in a Church, and God kept whispering to me who I should pick next.'

During the course of the question and answer period, anytime anyone questioned him about his picks he simply would say. Because God helped him pick his team, and God is infallible, then his picks in turn would have to be infallible. And further questioning his picks means we'd all 'Burn in the 7th ring of Hell. Next to the Jews and the producers of 'Strangers With Candy'.'

Coach Young promised a media day with the players later on next week.

One note worth mentioning.  During this press conference Coach Young wasn't wearing any pants. He also used his penis to call on the next reporter.  Which sometimes caused confusion because of the slight curve to the left


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