The People's Comments:

Sorry, I must of missed all that. I nerded out and went to see Revenge of the Sith, and only vaguely heard the Artest thing.

Haas, you have lost all my respect.

Don't you own a VCR? I watched the game at work, then watched the live post game press conferences straight off the router, then went home and watched the tape of the OC. Some thoughts: Rick Carlisle mentioned Reggie's final game was a fitting end to his career. I thought it quite fitting that his final shot was shoved back down his throat by Ben Wallace. After all, my personal favorite Reggie Miller moment involved a Piston blocking one of his shots in a playoff game. On the OC, one of Cal's long lost daughter shows up for the funeral but not the other? I was waiting for that Lindsay-Hailey exchange of 'wait, who are you?' Isn't it odd that Summer is now the one that goes around fixing things? And what a big year this has been for Marrisa, first she's boinking the pool-boy, then she's gay, then she offs a guy. She's gonna need therapy most of next season, of course look what happened last time she saw a shrink.

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