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THE MOVIE REVIEW: Pineapple Express

I saw Pineapple Express this passed weekend. This a movie that is about a stoner by the name of Dale Denton (Seth Rogen; Superbad) that see a murder and drug dealer by the name of Saul Silver (James Franco; Spiderman 3) that helps Dale Denton run from the people that did the murder.  This movie was co-writen by Seth Rogen, Even Goldberg (Superbad) and Judd Apatow (You donít mess with the Zohan). The movie was director by David Gordon Green (Snow Angels). Here are some of the other actor that played somemajor rolls in the movie: Gary Cole (West Wing) as Ted Jones; Rose Perez (White Men Canít Jump); Kevin Corrigan (Superbad) as Budlosfsky; Craig Robinson (The Office) as Matheson and Dann R. McBride (Drillbit Taylor) as Red.

This not your typical Apatow movie, this is an action/comdey wrapped are a stoner movie. Apatow and co. take stoner movies to the next level. The action in the movie was awsome. The fight action was really good quality. The acting was good in this movie. The one actor that really standout is James Franco (Saul Silver), it was all the little things he did in the movie like how cluless he acted, the way he looked and the stoner mindset he brought to the movie. Franco steals the show in this movie. This being an Apatow prodution you know this will have good, quick dialogue with great humor. So really, the Pineapple Express is an Apatow movie with a stoner plot. The best thing about this movie is they do not have a drug tripping moment in the movie. This not best movie Apatow and co. has doen. Pineapple Express is between good and great.

I give Pineapple Express three and a half kicks in the nuts out of five kicks in the nuts.

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