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MOVIE REVIEW: The Dark Knight

                 I saw the second most wait for movie of the summer The Dark Knight. This is the sequel to superhero/comic book movie Batman Begins. The Dark Knight picks up, where Batman Begins left off. With the introduction of the criminal mastermind, The Joker (the late Heath Ledger) and Batman (Christian Bale) keep helping clean up the dirty street of Gotham City.  The Joker (the late Heath Ledger) declares war on Batman, so the dirty under belly can get hold of Gotham City again as it did in Batman Begins.  Then The Joker the show crazy he really is. However, this time Batman as a more friendly relationship with Lieutenant James Gordon (Gary Oldman) of Gotham city police and the newly elected District Attorney Harvey Dent (Aaron Eckhart).  Bruce Wayne (Christian Bale) gets help from his friend’s: Bruce Wyan Butler Alfred Pennyworth (Michael Caine), Lucius Fox (Morgan Freeman) and the one woman Bruce Wayne (Christian Bale) truly love his childhood sweetheart/friend Rachel Dawes (Maggie Gyllenhaal). Rachel Dawes and Harvey Dent are dating. Then Harvey Dent (Aaron Eckhart) turns into the alter-ego-villain Two-Face (Aaron Eckhart) after an unfortunate accident. This movie was Director and co-wrote by Christopher Nolan (Batman Begins).

               To review The Dark Knight you must first talk about the acting in the movie. To quote The Joke, “And…Here we...go.”  The Joker I think this is the second best acting job done by the whole cast this year. The best acting job done by the whole cast this year was Snow Angles. Of course, the actor that led the pack is the late Heath Ledger as The Joker. He is the best The Joker ever hands down.  Anyone before Heath Ledger was just playing a cartoon character, where Ledger portrayal of The Joker was deeply dark, chilling and haunting. It was the little things he did with face, voices, and looks into the camera.  It was also Ledger knowing that he did not have to always be over top with The Joker to get the point across about how messed up The Joker was. The Joker has always had dry, quick wit to him, but Ledger even toke that to the next level. This is one of the best acting of the year so far, but for sure, the best supporting acting job done so far this year.  Ledger is The Joker. This is and was Ledger defining role as an actor. He should win an Oscar this year. One of the amazing things about The Dark Knight is how the two big characters did not over shadow each or trip over each other lines or try and out shine each other to be a show off. Like Tommy Lee Jones and Jim Carry did in Batman Forever. With Christian Bale playing Batman for second time, he is slowly becoming the best Batman/Bruce Wayne ever.  With how smooth and cocky Bale plays Bruce Wayne, also with how edgy, dark and quite he plays Batman. Bale does it with such effortless acting. He also showing he is one of the top three best action actors right now and he might become the best ever, if he keep things up at this rate. There are no weak jobs done in this movie. This is not a movie that is about just two great characters.  It is a movie about seven great characters that were acted greatly. Aaron Eckhart portrayal District Attorney Harvey Dent/Two-Face is more on the mark then anyone that as every try to play the roll. Eckhart is showing he can play any roll from a smoke lobbiest to a romance lead roll to Harvey Dent/Two-Face. Michael Caine plays Alfred Pennyworth again and does a job that only Michael Caine can do. Maggie Gyllenhaal taking over Rachel Dawes from Katie Holmes was for sure an up gradeall the way around and could pass as a Katie Holmes twin. She could be Tom Cruise fake next wife. Gary Oldman playing Lieutenant James Gordon again was great. Take the roll from Batman Begains and just add on to it by taking a cop that was young, inexprience and clean to an older, clean and expieres Lieutenant in Gotham City. This could down as one of the great ensemble cast ever, by the way they all acted togther and not overshadowing each other.

            Christopher Nolan is become a great double threat, being that he is a director and writer. He did a great job as the director of this movie.  He can really tell a story with a camera. Nolan has made one the drakest mainstream movies of all. An example of that is the score Hans Zimmer did for The Dark Knight.  He did a great job managing and taking all this great talent to a deeply dark place while he made this movie. The dialogue Nolan co-wrote has great wit and dry humor. The story has a great flow to it. Nolan must have been a in a drak place when he wrote this movie. The plot twists Nolan put in this movie were great to. This movie has some great quotes that will go down in movie history. This movie never has down time. It is action pack from begining to end. There is never any point in this movie where something happen and you can ask why did they not cut that out. Everthnig that is in the movie is need. 

            This could go down as the best sequel ever made, but only time will tell how The Dark Knight hold up in the next twenty to thirdy years. This could also be the greatest super hero movie every made. These are some of reason I made the statement above. It is the small things that make this movie so great. Such as, the reference to The Joker as being a dog and dog-hating Batman, also the reference to hope and drakness through out the movie. The other thing that makes this movie so great is the ending….Will not give much details, but it who it shot and edit togther that make the ending so great. This a movie you must see two or three time to catch all the greatness this movie has. I have seen this movie two times already. The second time around I saw thing I did see the frist and understand things I did not the first time. The Dark Knight might see like a simple movie, but it is not.

                If you cannot tell, I love this movie to no end. There is not one bad thing I can say about this movie. Every thing in this movie make this the great movie it is. I think this movie should get a bunch Oscars nod: such as Best picture, Best Supporting, Costume Design, Directing, Best Adapted Screenplay and Visual Effects. It should win at let two or three out of the nods it gets. This is the best movie so far this year. The only bad thing I can say about this movie is the sound mix was badly mixed for IMAX. The score over rid the audio of the dialogue that was being said.  


I give this movie ten Joker cards out of five Joker card.

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