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The Emmy can just suck it...HARD!!!!!

 Because Hollywood people stroking them self all time for shows that think they are different and cool. (Example A1 Will and F*&^ ( Will and Grace).--Side note did you know this show was about guy people.)   30 F^%$ (30 Rock) this show as been popular for a while now and Jim and I do not understand it either, because I am afraid I am grow up and out of liking showes that are oddly funny. I do not like 30 f^%$. This proves that 30 F*&^ suckass and my main reason why I hate this show is: http://tv.msn.com/tv/article.aspx/?news=323321>1=28103. 30 f*&^ should not be happy getting that many nods for gust appearances. They should changen the name of the show to 30 ROCK: gust star of the week. It actully got 17 total nods. This is reason why I hate the emmy.

      There better show that got screwed such as: How I Met Your Mother, My Name is Earl, South Park and Rescue Me. Out of all these shows only one nomination. These is a huge oversight that happen every year. These are dam good shows. The biggest oversight is cable show like South Park and Rescue Me that it happen to every year, beside last year (Rescue Me two nods.). About 95% of the Emmy nominations are shit this year. This is way TV is so bad.

comments (3) 07-18-2008

The People's Comments:

Where's the review for The Dark Knight?

Kevin. . .just. . .settle down. Deep breath. Deep breath. There we go. I agree, the Emmy nominations are overlooking a lot of good shows, but I think 30 Rock deserves the recognition. There is a good reason it's still on the air and a lot of other sitcoms have come and gone; it's very good. It is smart, and irreverent, and different, and I think the Academy needs to encourage that sort of thing, or else we'll have the networks trying to shove a dozen Friends clones down our throats like they did in the mid-90's, nearly killing off sitcoms all together. If you want to kick some of the best comedy series nominees out of the hottub, start with Two and a Half Men. I do think Jenna Fisher is more deserving of a nomination for best actress in a comedy series than Tina Fey is, but Fey is doing an excellent job. I must say though, I hope the award goes to Christina Applegate, and if you aren't watching Samantha Who you ought to start. The interesting category to be honest, is going to be best animated program (one hour or more) which comes down to the Imaginationland episodes from South Park and the Blue Harvest Family Guy special. First instinct is that of course Blue Harvest wins, as it is the culmination of years worth of Star Wars references in Family Guy, and even has the reference to Robot Chicken doing the gimmick first (courtesy of Seth Green). However Imaginationland was pretty hilarious too, so I'm torn on this one. If they cut the statue down the middle and give it to both, I'd be happy with that. My one gripe with the Emmy Awards would be the shear number of categories. Do we really need to give out awards for made for TV movie or miniseries in this day and age when there are maybe three or four of them each year? They even give an Emmy for best commercial. Isn't there a separate awards show for this? (The Almas? The Albions? The Freds?) There are even separate awards for best makeup and best prosthetic makeup. Cut down on a few of these and maybe the show won't be five hours long. But you have to agree, one of the nominees is good to see. Up for best reality program. . . .Antiques Roadshow. Hells to the yeah! PBS all the way, bi-otch!

I second the motion.

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