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              I went and saw “HANCOCK” this week. This is a superhero story told in a different way. The story is about a down on his luck, asshole like superhero by the name of HANCOCK (Will Smith; “I AM LEGEND”) that has a bad public image, because he always causes so much damage for no reason. Hancock meets a public relations professional by the name of Ray Embrey (Jason Bateman; “JUNO”) that want to help give Hancock a better public image. Ray Embrey has a wife by the name of Mary Embrey (Charlize Theron; “IN THE VALLEY OF ELAH”) that does not like or trust Hancock (Will Smith; “I AM LEGEND”). The movie was director by: Peter Berg (“THE KINGDOM”). He an actor turned director.   

            This is some-what-of a dark superhero movie. They could have made this movie a lot darker if it was an R instead of a PG13. This was a funny dark comedy. This has some good plot twist in it. This had a good story line for the first of what will probable be many more “HANCOCK” movies. The special effects in the movie were good. They used the right amount. The special effects also fit in what they were going for. The acting was good by all the actors, but Jason Bateman really steals the show in this movie. He shown to be man in the last two movies he has done. The dialog was O.K., nothing special. The movie has a few good lines. The end sequence was interning and used before. Side Note: Stay for the credits. I would put this in top ten best superhero movie ever made. This is a good, solid, summer, action, superhero movie.


I give this movie three bottles of liquor out of five bottles of liquor.   

comments (1) 07-04-2008

The People's Comments:

We went and saw "Hancock" last night. It was free popcorn night at Regal Cinemas...mmmmmm popcorn! A great movie. Money well spent. It is the summer, I'm not expecting Oscar worthy performances. Oh yeah, Charlize Theron is frickin' HOT!!!

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