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Movie review: GET SMART

The movie of choices this week is “Get Smart”. This based off the TV show from (1965-1970) with the same name. If you have not seen any episode of the show no worries they do a really good job of explaining every thing by starting  the story about the bumbling, yet smart spy Maxwell Smart--agent 86 (Steve Carell) from the begin. (Side note: Maxwell Smart was played by Don Adams in the TV show.)  Maxwell Smart works for an agency that is called CONTROL. The bad guys in this movie are a group called KAOS. CONTROL Chief is (Alan Arkin “Little Miss Sunshine”) (Side note 2: Arkin was guy that would have played Maxwell Smart if they made movie in the 80’s or 90’s.)   Maxwell partner Agent 99 (Anne Hathaway).  She show love/hate for Maxwell Smart through the whole movie, but it is mostly hate. Agent 23 (Dwayne Johnson) is Maxwell best friend. Maxwell’s gadget guys: Bruce (Masi Oka “Heroes”) and Lloyd (Nate Torrence “Studio 60”). The asshole agents: Larabee (David Koechner “Simi-pro”) and Agent 91 (Terry Crews “Idiocracy”). There are a few gust spots by Bill Murray; James Caan and Patrick Warbuton (“Seinfeld”).

 I can say I have seen very little of the original TV show Get Smart, but the thing I remember the most was the dry comedy, which they pull off very well in this movie. I also think that no one else could play Maxwell Smart beside Steve Carell. This is one of the best fit in a leading role in a long time. This movie gets Steve Carell back on track to being one the best comedy actors and overall actors in the industry. He was side tracked with “Evan Almighty.” Anne Hathaway shows that she got some great comedy acting chops. That is not a Disney movie.  “Get Smart” pulled off what “The Tuxedo” could not with Jennifer Lover “Huge Tits”, which is pumping up the sexy in a woman and still pulling off how smart she is to. Dwayne Johnson is continuing to grow is career by picking the right roles like this one, as Agent 91. He showed he can become a great comedy actor and that he is not just an action movie-actor.

This is the second movie this year that the chemistry with all the actors was so amazing; the first movie was “Iron Man”. There are some good plot twists in “Get Smart”. The fight action in this movie is Borne-sek. This movie is funny from the start to the end. The minor and stand-in charters are funny to. There is no one that is not funny in this movie. This movie does a great job by showing respect to the TV show with the dry comedy and with the little things they show and use in the movie. This is the best comedy/action film I have ever seen. This is also the best comedy I have seen so far this summer.

                I give this movie five blunders out of five blunders.

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