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Kevin's Movie review: Vantage Point

I saw Vantage Point. This a movie about a global war on terror summit in Spain. Where the President of the USAŚ(Ashton--William Hurt) was assassinatied. You may already know about one of the major plot twists in the movie. I am not going to say what it is, because if want to see it just go and see the trailer. Beside the twists they give away, there are few more. The twists are kind of weak. Beside William Hurt there four more major actors: Thomas Barnes (Dennis Quaid) and Kent Taylor (Matthew Fox) are both Secret Service agents for the President of the USA. Then there is Howard Lewis (Forest Whitaker) is an American video taping his trip to Spain and happen to video tape everything that happen. Lastly there is Sigourney Weaver who is a Cable News Director for GNN. With the people in this cast it could have been so much more, but actors can only do so much. The acting is good.

    Where this movie really drop the ball is with the script and the plot. The plot is pretty predictable. You can see something coming a mile away. The script repeat it self, repeat it self and repeat it self. The opening is 65% of the movie. Then the middle of this movie is filled with a lot of action and car chases, which is the only thing that save this movie from being just other piece of nothing for this time of year. After that is the ending. Other things that saved is movie is that it is paced really fast, which always good for a just above average movie like this. The editing nothing I have not seeing a million times. The thing that make this really bad is the statement they try to make at the end.

I give this movie one and a half stars out of six stars.

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