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Kevin's Movie Review:Cloverfield

                I went and saw Cloverfield. I was not expecting much going to see this, but I was wrong. It was an awesome movie. This movie is an Action / Sci-Fi / Thriller. The CGI were remarkable. The thing that attacked NY was amazing looking, when you final saw it. The camera work is 95% hand held. So if you get motion sickness you will not want to see this. This as take hand held camera to the next level. The first person point of view in this movie is like no other. This was a good/ young cast, which are pretty much a bunch of no name actors. The only one that has done a lot major film or TV work is Lizzy Caplan, she was the goth/outcast (Janis Ian) in Mean Girls. 15-20 min. into the movie the action start and does not stop. The ways they did not show the thing throughout the movie really add to a great ending and to the action/suspense to the movie. The post production and editing are remarkable. The cut between scenes are significant to add the emotion to the movie. The quick flashes of the thing they show are petty suspenseful. This is a wired movie that it was a looks like a big budget film, but it is really a small budget film. The bad part about this movie was the dialog it was not very strong. It got predictable and weak. The script idea is pretty great. I would love to have been in on the pitch of this movie. F.Y.I. this movie was made by the same guys that made the TV show LOST, so you know you are going to go for a loopy-ride, with a lot of questions that may or not be answered. Stay until the end of the credits there is an audio thing. With that the last preview is ever interning. This could be one of the greatest monsters of all time. Yes, this could be better then Godzilla the older ones, not the god for sake ones Matthew Broderick did. GOD!!! That suck movie.

 I give it four star out six star.


Spoiler Alert: If they make sequels or prequels out of this movie it could be really interning to see what part they choose to show.

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