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Dec 31, 2013

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Top 16 Movies of 2007

These are movies I went to movie theater to see between months of: (March-December). This is my top 16 movies of 2007.

1. No Country for Old Men-Some people are comparing this to Fargo, but this movie is its own monster. This has one of the most mind playing villain in a long time. This movies story will mess up your mind. This is a dark movie. Great acting; an awesome story; unbelievable dialog; this movie has second best end of the year. This movie has the best last two scenes of a movie this year. The last movie to speak to me like this was American Beauty. This movie will make you think

2. Michael Clayton-The best lawyer movie ever made. Great acting; an awesome story; it make you think and throw you for a loop. This movie has the best ending this year. This movie will make you think.

3. Superbad- This one of mine top ten funniest movies of all time. This is one of the best buddy Flick of the years; The best Open opening scene to a comedy in a long time. Great story; this has great acting. This is a true guy movie.

4. I Am Legend-Awesome acting; Great Story; not as much an action as they would make you think; It is like a Castaway type movie. This movie will make you think. This movie has great special effects.

5. Knocked Up- A cute, funny movie; It is really good modern love story. This movie has: Great acting; great story; great dialog. Second best love story of the year.

6.  A Mighty Heart-This is a chilling movie to watch, because of the true it is based off, which is about Wall Street Journal reporter Daniel Pearl. If you do not remember this story then you see it. This had awesome acting. A Great look at that part of the world at that time in history. This is best true life movie of the year. This movie will show if you have a heart or not?

7. American Gangster-A really good true life story movie; Great acting; I think could become a top five best Gangster movie of all time; A good story;  A really good look at what it was like to be a gangster / cop in this time period; A good history lesson about Frank Lucas. 

8. Zodiac-This a David Fincher film. He made Seven, Fight Club and Panic Room. This is just other great movie to add to already long list of awesome movies. This is one of the few movies to scare me, when I watched it at theater. This movie will skull f-you, not mind f-you. It has a really good story; that is true. Great acting; this is one of the best true crime stories I have seen a long time.

9. The lookout-A Great Story; Good acting; Memento goes Hollywood; Shoot really clean; Good editing.

10. Stardust-A cute story; Great special effects; good acting; in the vain of Princess Bride; Top Five best chic-flick I have ever seen.

11. Away from her-The best love story of the year. This movie will show what one person will do for true love. Top-three best chick-flick ever made. This movie as: Awesome Acting; great story; a lot of heart; this movie will make you think, would you do the same thing if same thing happen to your true love? This movie will show if you have a heart or not?

12. Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story- Awesome Songs. In the vain of the movie A Mighty Wind. This is a funny ass movie. Good Acting.

13. Grindhouse- As a whole is a great movie. This movie as some awesomely bad acting, meaning awesome good acting for grind house type movies they were making. This was a really cool idea. There are a lot of good action, funny and dialog scene in this movie.

14. Charlie Wilsonís War-A good true life movie, but more of history channel movie. Has some awesome acting; the movie shows again why Philip Seymour Hoffman is one of the best actors of are time. He steals this movie once again. It also an awesome look at a secret war that American was in. This has hot women, in tight and half off clothes. This is another great story thanks to Aaron Sorkin. Also a good at the USA government in that time history and how they may have or have not changed?

15. Sicko- Another great Michel More documentary. Really good look at the heath care system in American and around the world.

16. The Namesake-Good story about be kids that Americanized, but have the parents not. This movie shows the good to great acting skills of Kal Penn (Van Wilder  and Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle). Good acting all the way around.



Just Missed the listed:


17. Blades of Glory

18. Hot Fuzz

19. Live Free or Die Hard

20. 1408

21. Black Sake Moan

22. Spider Man 3

23. The Simpsons Movie

24. Oceanís Thirteen

25. Enchanted


If you want more information on these movies go to IMDB.com

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