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This is my answer to why college should not have a football tournament


I saw a college football tournament; it was called the regular season. Why does college football need to have a tournament? Why can they not just be different? This reason why all the regular season were so awesome this year! If you have a tournament it takes something away from regular season. Really what I am saying is this: Instead of having a month of great football you get three or four month of great football.


Tell me why I am Wrong or Right?



comments (3) 12-03-2007

The People's Comments:

Actually, Hawaii's shot never existed, simply because of geography and technology. The NCAA used to grant an extra-game exemption to teams that travelled to Hawaii because of the time commitment and travel logistics necessary to play there. You can't blame the WAC -- BYU did just fine in 1984, and they've been arguably less successful ever since they bolted for the Mountain West Conference.

There needs to be a tournament to give teams from non-BCS conferences a chance at the national title. Here's an example. In 2006, when did George Mason's shot at the championship in basketball come to an end? When they lost in the semi-final to Florida. When did Hawaii's shot at the title in football end this year? When they joined the WAC a decade ago.

So the reason that small-school college football, college basketball, and pro football all suck the leather off a donkey's balls is because they have a tournament?

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