rss feedFun With Captions / Posted Sep 17, 2004

Oh My GAWD! Like I just made... I'm like really like on, go me!
Posted By: crashnet | Votes: 10 | Vote

'Oh no, that fart felt too wet!!'
Posted By: zg2u | Votes: 10 | Vote

Huh? What? No really what are you tryin to tell me? That I'm really a fat white woman?
Posted By: crashnet | Votes: 10 | Vote

'Oh, my god! I'm going to be marginally famous for a year before passing completely into oblivion.'
Posted By: coldcat | Votes: 10 | Vote

'Stupid aftershave, ahhhhhh!'
Posted By: zg2u | Votes: 10 | Vote

'Marlon Waynes in BLACK CHICK'
Posted By: kaaskee | Votes: 10 | Vote

Posted By: kaaskee | Votes: 8 | Vote

Finally a girl that can actually fit my whole dick in her month.
Posted By: crashnet | Votes: 8 | Vote

What do you mean i am disqualified for steroids?
Posted By: tec | Votes: 8 | Vote

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